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Friday, February 19, 2010

MoS Obsessions: White Lacquered Mirrors

Recently I was doing a once-over in my dining room, trying to figure out what was missing.  It just felt a little too formal, but I couldn't put my finger on exactly what it needed.  Later that night, I was flipping through a Horchow catalog, and admidst the tufted velvet chaises and brocade wall tapestries, I saw what I was missing:  a white lacquered mirror.

White lacquered mirrors are the perfect way to inject a little life into an otherwise formal area of your home.  They range anywhere from basic simple sunburst mirrors to fabulously ornate baroque styles with curly-q's, birds, and flowers.  In our minds, the more ornate, the better!

And what better way to liven up a stodgy gold leaf mirror than to paint it shiny white?!  This seems like such an easy DIY fix- look for a post on it very soon!

Perfect in a bedroom, to pop on blue walls
Oly Studio

Tiny but eye-catching on a pretty charcoal wall
Decor Pad

Precious in a children's room

Even works on a white wall- adds another layer of depth
Lonny Issue 3

Works great in a large room as well

Only Eddie would think to modernize a federal convex mirror
Eddie Ross in Lonny

I'd love to shop here...
Harvest Moon Furniture Showroom

You could easily replicate this look with a flea market mirror- just paint and gently sand off a thin layer

Beachy without being too beachy
House Beautiful via Habitually Chic

Oh Miles, always knows how to use color perfectly!
Miles Redd in Elle Decor

Perfect pair to hang over a sofa
Peacock Feathers

What a dramatic entry
Ron Norsworthy

Even in a formal dining room, a traditional convex mirror looks amazing painted white
Todd Romano

If you want to buy a white lacquered mirror instead of painting one yourself, check these out:

Horchow, $425

Horchow, $499

What do you think about white lacquered mirrors?  Trendy or here to stay?

And stay tuned for a DIY project along these lines...


Southern Aspirations said...

what a great roundup of both pictures and ready-to-purchase options! Love the variety.

Hopeful Homemaker said...

I suppose I could be biased because I love mirrors in general, but I think that they're fabulous! I also think that white paint makes them even more dramatic in many cases. Love all the pictures. Thanks!

bazaarofserendipity said...

This is such a great post. I love all the pictures and mirrors.

Kelly Green said...

You are right - the perfect addition without being too stuffy!KG

Eclectic said...

Great post. I too am obsessed! Every time I see a mirror with a great shape I automatically picture it lacquered white. It's a problem...

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Trendy but I like it. Might by one for myself. you all have some good options!

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