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Friday, February 12, 2010

Maximalists & the Art of Clutter

You must check out this New York Times article about Zach Motl's 178 square foot studio in Brooklyn. Yes, you read that right, the whole thing is is one hundred seventy eight feet. Finally, my one bedroom apartment is feeling downright palatial...

Despite calling a bedroom-sized apartment home, Zach is what we'd call a "maximalist." I'd never heard this term before reading the article, but it suits his style quite perfectly. Whereas most people would take the "less is more" approach in such a small space, Zach's apartment is stuffed to the gills with a well curated selection of artwork, books, and accessories.

This guy makes a Pendleton plaid blanket look totally chic. He must have 100% faith in his handyman, because I'd be terrified every night that those bookshelves would come crashing down on me while I slept!

Photo: Robert Wright for the New York Times

Admittedly his kitchen is not really for cooking. But you've got to hand it to someone who can hang wooden tennis racquets on the wall without making it look like he's living in a TGI Friday's.

Photo: Robert Wright for the New York Times

I'm very, very curious about this stuffed bird that keeps popping up. And I'm starting to feel a bit claustrophobic looking at all those piles of books. The article states that Zach bought the Marc Jacobs wellies purely for decorative purposes- he does not actually wear them. Priorities!

Photo: Robert Wright for the New York Times

Zach works for Robert Courturier & Associates, an architecture and design firm. However, it should come as no surprise that Zach previously interned for the king of the Maximalists, Mr. Miles Redd. Clearly he picked up a few tips from the pros. I love the use of red and pink in this room, don't you? There's certainly an art to hanging so many disparate pieces of art on the wall and making them look so haphazardly chic.
070909 miles redd.jpg

Miles Redd via Apartment Therapy

Wow, now this room defines "maximalist." You might want to click on it to enlarge the picture for full effect. I spy a starfish, a wreath, a tassel-trimmed velvet chair, shabby-esque mirrors made of old windows, an antique lantern, a revere bowl, an urn, acrylic lamps, and books books books.


Miles Redd via So Haute!

More maximalist (though not by Miles Redd), this one from Apartment Therapy. Someone likes to globetrot...and ride bikes...and luxuriate on cowhide rugs and pillows! I like how the large oriental rug pulls everything together. And who needs wallpaper with that back wall completely covered in pictures? Fantastic.

I'd probably describe myself as a "middleamist" if such a thing exists. I can't embrace the austere, cold lines of a minimalist home, yet on the other hand, I think I'd feel a bit claustrophobic in a maximalist home with nary an extra square inch on the coffee table for me to put my drink down and my feet up! Call me boring, but I'm partial to a happy medium- a home with character and charm created by stylish objects, but one you can still comfortably live in.

What are you? A minimalist, a middleamist, or a maximist?

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Alaina @ Live Creating Yourself said...

wow - that apartment is kind of awesome. minus the bird. and why not wear the wellies?? they look just as good on feet as they do as room decor. great post!


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