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Monday, January 25, 2010

MoS Obsessions: Chain Strap Bags

Chain strap bags are a classic, seen on everyone from "hot young things" to ladies who lunch. We can thank Coco Chanel for introducing the world to chain strap bags, and Karl Lagerfeld for reinvigorating the style.  These bags are always  in style, and they are appropriate for so many different occasions.

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The classic Chanel 2.55 flap bag makes our heart beat like no other.  Still, it will set you back a couple thousand dollars, so this bag is a serious purchase!

Chanel 2.55 Leather Quilted Bag

We are loving Lanvin's line of chain strap bags this year.  This tote is majorly on sale at Barneys, and we are practicing some serious self-control to not add it to our carts!  Someone should grab this up!

Lanvin Large Rosa, $754, down from $1850

The Marc Jacobs Stam was pretty trendy a few years ago, but we think it is a classic that is here to stay.  MJ bags hold up so well- the quality is amazing.

Michael Kors has designed such a fabulous twist on the classic chain strap bag.  We've seen this in real life, and the coral leather is absolutely stunning.  Wouldn't this be cute with white jeans and big aviators this spring?

This style from Kate Spade is one of our all-time favorites.  It's the perfect size tote, and although it's quilted and has a chain strap, it doesn't feel like a Chanel knock-off.

Orange is just what you need to brighten up your outfits this winter!

And in the perfect shade of purple!

Eric Javits isn't just doing hats!  This quilted chain strap tote comes in tons of different colors, and we would imagine that the quality is fantastic!

We love this Cole Haan twist on the chain strap bag.  The handle is so unique, and this blue looks like the perfect navy!

If you don't like wearing leather, this Matt and Nat vegan bag is so cute and stylish!  We love the "tough" zipper detailing, in contrast to the traditional ladylike chain strap bag.

This bag reminds us of what our moms carried at night when we were little girls.  At first glance it might seem a little mumsy-ish.  But we could totally see it gracing the pages of Lucky, on a hipster much cooler than we are, with skinny jeans and a cropped jacket.

Some of our favorite accessories come from Banana Republic, and this little bag is no exception.  It's so stylish for evenings and reminds us of a little pink Chanel bag that a very stylish MoS friend carries!

And the deal of the day, once again, comes from Forever 21.  We would like to see this bag in real life to make sure it doesn't look cheap, but at least in the pictures, it looks like a very cute and inexpensive alternative to the bags pictured above!

Do you have or want a chain-strap bag?


Chic Geek said...

Great post! I have the Tory Burch Reva clutch and the Rebecca Minkoff clutch. I simply adore these two bags! They are so versatile because you can actually remove the chain link strap and wear them as a clutch at night. I highly reccomend these two choices :)

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

I just ordered the Rebecca Minkoff Chain Clutch in Royal...can't wait to get it!

Loucinda said...

Forever 21 is brilliant! But I really want a REAL chanel flap bag. I love Nicole's red one, but I think a tan one would be nice, too. Hmmm...3 months of rent or that bag?! Great post! Lots of great alternatives to hold me over until I win the lottery!

Southern Aspirations said...

Great round up! I would LOVE the Chanel bag (and really, if one took care of it, it would last for years and not be so outrageous if divided by the number of uses) but I think the Kate is a little more attainable right now. And I adore the orange!!

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