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Friday, January 15, 2010

Design Dilemma: Bathroom Rugs...

I have been on the hunt for a rug to go in front of my bathroom vanity.  Not a rug to step on out of the shower (we have a bathmat for that) but something a little more stylish yet still practical, as it still may get a little wet since it's in the bathroom. 

We know what we all want to avoid when it comes to bathroom rugs...

I did what I often do when I am searching for inspiration- looked through my collection of my favorite magazines (Elle Decor, Domino, House Beautiful, and Traditional Home).  I couldn't find any pictures of bathrooms with rugs.  I am certain that most people do want to sink their toes into something other than Carrera marble when they brush their teeth.  But like toilet paper and hand towels, I suppose bathroom rugs are one of the less glamorous aspects of the room that are seldomly photographed for a magazine shoot.

So without any magazine inspiration, here are some rugs we would love in front of a bathroom vanity.

Yellow and white is to cheery in a bathroom.  We love the bright colors and symmetry of this rug!  We'd pair it with white towels with a yellow monogram.


This Dash and Albert navy and white diamond patterned rug is made for indoor or outdoor use.  It's easy to clean and looks so stylish too!

Dash and Albert Blue Diamond

Stripes are such a great look for a bathroom.  And the price is right on this Ikea rug!

Ikea Bellinge

Wouldn't this rug look fabulous in an all-white bathroom, with some bright turquoise towels?!

Dash and Albert Zebra

Coral seems so perfect for a bathroom.  This rug will stay in style for years, even after the current coral craze has run its course (maybe it already has?).

Thomas Paul Coral

Simple and modern, classic stripes would look so good in front of a vanity.  Bath and white bathrooms are always in style!


If you have a spacious bathroom, a round rug is so attractive and unexpected.  This red peacock pattern from Urban Outfitters is fabulous and looks so much more expensive than it really is!

Urban Outfitters Peacock

Thomas Paul's creations are one of a kind!  This dandelion pattern is no exception.

Thomas Paul Dandelion

How gorgeous is this Dash and Albert zigzag print?  So much like Missoni, but we'll leave Missoni to fashion and let Dash and Albert do what they are good at- fantastic rugs!

Dash and Albert

Isn't this geometric design so modern and stylish?  The warm colors are so soothing!

Ikea Hessum

This eggplant Thomas Paul peacock rug is so unique and interesting!

Thomas Paul Peacock

And the deal of the day is Ikea's Signe rug, for a whopping $2.99!  The actual stores have these rugs in tons of colors- they are definitely the best bang for your buck!

Ikea Signe

Do you have a rug in your bathroom?  Tell us about it!


Anonymous said...

Wow. Super post today! Adding an interesting, colorful, rich or even playful rug is sure an easy way to enhance any bath. I opted for a more formal rug- actually a smaller version of a rug in the living room! I love its richness and "unexpectness" in my bathroom. Love, love the Dash and Albert Zebra rug!
I'm actually surprised that more people do not have great rugs, instead of the usual ho hum, in their bathrooms. Yet, we spend hours finding that special one for other rooms.
Fab post!!

Anonymous said...

Dash and Albert rugs are great in bathrooms. That's what I use! They are pretty inexpensive, and they come in so many bright colors.

Southern Aspirations said...

Don't have one but have thought of getting one to help warm our room. Dash and Albert seems like a great option. There's another one out there that I was eyeing- cream but lots of texture- but can't for the life of me remember who it was. I think was specifically for the bath even!

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