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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dear velvet, I'm sorry...

One thing that I have particularly loved about writing this blog is that it's forced me to more closely analyze pictures of great interiors- to stop and think about my likes and dislikes rather than just saying "ooh pretty" or "yuck" and moving on to the next picture. And sometimes after enough analysis, I end up coming around to something that I thought I disliked (or vice versa!).

Such is the case with velvet. Maybe it was being a child of the 80's, but to me velvet always conjured up images of froofy party dresses and big hair. Or something that should have dogs playing poker painted on it.

ebay111808no286.jpg image by blueridger  

But I'm glad to say that over the last few months I've realized that I was completely, utterly, and hopelessly wrong about velvet. In fact, I've come to conclude that nothing says "cozy-luxe" like velvet in a rich jewel color. Further, velvet doesn't have to be wintery or heavy- in a way, it can really lighten up a room. A sampling of some of my velvet-heavy interiors:

Nick Olsen. Love that decadent peacock blue!

Lindsey Harper. Chinoiserie fun!

Mary McDonald. Crisp and cozy!

Suzanne Kasler. Velvet/linen pairings are popular these days.

Via Decorpad.

Miles Redd. Why yes, I'd love to cozy on up to this couch!

Woodson & Rummerfield. Velvet is lovely on this pair of chairs.

Elle Decor So Chic: Glamorous Lives, Stylish Spaces. Wonderful contrast between the heavy velvet drape and the light roman shade...and the velvet cushion on the lucite chair.
elle decor 13.jpg

Liz Pomerantz's NY apartment. Via Elle Decor.
Modern-traditional mix: Platner table + Barcelona stools + luxe velvet, from Elle Decor by xJavierx.

House Beautiful. Not sure about the fabric on that chair, but the headboard- WOW!

Decorpad. This is supposedly a girl's room but I'd be ok with moving right in.
girl's rooms - royal blue  hot pink  upholstered  velvet   headboard  white  bedding  glossy  blue  chandelier  ivory cornice box  boxes  ivory drapes  pink  ribbon  border  window treatments  blue  velvet  tufting  tufted  bench  pink  geometric  rug  baby blue  gourd  lamp  ivory walls  paint color  bedroom

Are you a fan of velvet? Do you have any of it in your own home?


DAM said...

I dig it in the winter. Two pillow covers get changed out from cotton to velvet in the winter months. Their cozy, comfortable and rich looking...

Alaina @ Live Creating Yourself said...

love it when it's done right! i'm actually looking at purchasing a velvet ottoman from someone on craigslist as we speak!


central bark designs said...

I don't have any velvet - but I want that blue chandelier in the last photo!

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

Velvet sofas are so comfortable...I do feel like George Costanza saying that!

Chicago City Girl said...

I'm with you girl! I only came around to loving velvet a few years ago, when I saw it in a shade of gray that was just so *luxe* I had to have some ~ Now I always keep my eye out for that perfect pop of velvet

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your post today! Have an old velvet (family)chair that I have always loved BUT never felt it was stylish with that velvet thing going on. Changing my mind! As usual, love your sense of design and attention to the details within a room.

Kelly Green said...

i adore velvet and it looks so sumptuous....(sp!) a great way to add depth to a room and oh so stylish. (not into soft pink though - a bit grannyish for me)KG

kpeach said...

LOVE that Nick Olsen too xo

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