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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Best and Worst of the Golden Globes

The pre-awards red carpet shows are definitely our favorite part of "awards season." 

Sunday night's 2010 Golden Globes were no exception.  This year the weather proved to be a little wrench thrown into the situation- it was pouring rain during many of the red carpet arrivals.  Yet most of the actresses appeared to be unphased by the weather!

Drew Barrymore looks so pretty.  She really has grown on us in the past few years.  While a light color can be tough to pull off if you have fair skin, she found just the right shade that looks beautiful.

Diane Kruger always looks amazing.  She took a risk with this Givenchy dress, and we think it paid off.  It's a nice change of pace from the classic ballgowns on everyone else.

Glenn Close looks amazing.  We're half her age and wish our arms could look this good...

Heidi and Seal are such a cute couple.  Her fishtail dress absolutely stunning and so flattering to show off her post-baby curves.

Olivia Wilde is so gorgeous.  This metallic draped column dress really lengthens her look.

Sandra Bullock's purple is absolutely beautiful!  We know the see-through skirt received mixed reviews, but overall, her dress fits her like a glove.

Toni Collette's dress is so elegant and drapes perfectly.  She is one of our favorites!

And some of our not-so-favorites...

Somehow Patricia Arquette always seems to make this list.  Her hair and makeup look so pretty, but her fashion choices...

Something is "off" about this dress.  Maybe because it reminds us of the Blueberry Shortcake doll I had when I was little...

We love layers of ruffles, but this dress is just too much.  We'd like it better if it had a more fitted bodice and the ruffles were on the skirt.

Christina's peekaboo dress is just tacky.

1996 was a good year for Fergie to shop at Jessica McClintock.  Or was it Cache? (yes, my junior prom dress was from Cache).

We usually like Jennifer Aniston, but her look here is a bit sloppy.  Maybe the weather contributed to the messy hair.  But the dress just seems a bit ill-fitting as well.

While I do appreciate that Christina Hendricks can embrace her curves, I just think this color is all sorts of wrong here.  And I've never been a big fan of over-the-top cleavage.

Julianne Moore's black gown is so unflattering.  Once again, her hair and makeup look great, but the dress just doesn't do a thing for her figure.

Kate's look is so fashion-forward, but it's a little too fashion-forward to translate into real life.  No doubt she has a great body though!

Once again, this color is all wrong.  It washes her out and just doesn't do a thing for her.

Tina Fey, we love you!  But this dress hits in exactly the wrong place!  Mid-calf and poofy is almost never a good combo.

Do you agree with our picks?  What did you think about GG fashion?


Southern Aspirations said...

Sadly, totally missed the GG so will have to watch the repeat fashion assessments. By and large, I'm with you on your picks (though not a huge fan of the top of Diane Kruger's dress).

Drew and Maggie are great contrasts- as a fair-skinned gal myself, I can appreciate the challenge of wearing pale tones and not looking washed out. Drew's shade was perfect for her. The other, as you stated, terrible!!

Betsy said...

So glad you put both Diane Kruger and Sandra Bullock on the best dressed list--LOVED both of theirs--great colors!

City Girl Chicago said...

Good picks! I think Heidi Klum looks stunning (as usual)!

Summer is a Verb said...

I loved Sandra's purple frock too! Do you know she was picked as one of the worst dressed? And here I thought she was one of the best..XXOO

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