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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Wintertime has us thinking about fireplaces!  Lots of houses have them, but if you are like me, you may wonder how to make your fireplace really stand out. 

Your fireplace doesn't have to look like it's straight from the pages of the Home Decorators catalog.

Here are some unique and interesting fireplaces we have seen.

Nick Olsen's apartment in Domino is one of our all-time favorites (as is Nick- he is absolutely one of the most talented guys we know).  His fireplace is so unique and stands out beautifully, contrasted with his "oregano" walls.  And how clever to use a folding screen in front of a fireplace you don't really use.  We really might copy this idea!


How cool is this fireplace with a stone castle screen?  We are loving the zebra ottoman too!

Elle Decor, photo courtesy of Katiedid

We would have never thought to display art in a fireplace opening, but an unused fireplace makes the perfect backdrop!


What a soothing and peaceful room!  The pair of benches in front of this fireplace make the room so cozy.

Traditional Home

A tortoise shell makes such a unique alternative to a traditional fireplace screen.  Remember this the next time you are turtle hunting...  But seriously, if you saw a cool shell in a thrift shop and wondered how to use it, this is the perfect way!

Elle Decor

A mirror inside the fireplace opening adds an extra layer of depth and dimension to this stunning pink living room.


We love this elegant stone fireplace with a marble urn centered in the base. 

Another fab art display in front of a non-functioning fireplace- it works so well with the simplicity of the mantle.


We aren't usually big fans of HGTV designs, but this fireplace stuffed with books on the hgtv website is fabulous!


What a fun way to fill up a fireplace with firewood!  I am definitely going to copy this look in my downstairs den.

House Beautiful

Navy is one of our favorite colors.  I can't say I would ever think to paint a fireplace navy, but it looks amazing here.  It is the perfect way to make this fireplace the focal point of the room!

Have you done anything unique with your fireplace?  Tell us about it!

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Julie said...

Great post! Fireplaces are so often ignored, but these are stunning.

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