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Thursday, December 3, 2009

MoS Shops in West Palm- Rockin' Rattan

We interrupt our Christmas-themed blogging today for a decidedly non-holiday post. I could use a little vacation for the mind right now considering that it's only December 3rd and I've already been subjected to Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You" about 823 times!

Let's venture back down to sunny Florida, shall we? And while we're at it we'll do a little antiquing on Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach. After all, in this Travel and Leisure article, Simon Doonan calls the vintage furniture to be found on this unassuming stretch of highway "some of the most collectible and glamorous in the world."

My mom recently purchased some vintage bamboo barstools and has been telling me for months that I needed to check out the wild store where she purchased them. I didn't quite believe how fascinating the store was going to be, but I knew I was in for a real treat when I walked through the door and was greeted by two huge parrots...and some you'll-only-find-this-in-Florida accessories.


I spy a giant clam!

I guess the best way to describe Bamboo & Rattan is like a bamboo-themed Ruff & Ready. Well, not quite as chaotic as Ruff & Ready- but check out these pix and you'll see what I mean. It's like a treasure hunt! Two full floors of vintage and handmade bamboo and miscellaneous lamps, sconces, mirrors, and other stylish odds and ends.

I find it frustrating that in the DC area I searched high and low for Chinese Chippendale bamboo chairs for months, yet walk into any shop along Dixie Highway and the stuff is piled up to the ceiling! Look at this dreamy collection.


Climb the stairs past an eclectic assortment of mirrors...


And it's chairs, chairs, chairs hanging from the ceiling. It's surreal how many there are- and most in full sets of 6 or more.

If you need a table, there's plenty of those to choose from too.

Nope, you're not hallucinating, those are magazine racks floating from the ceiling. I'd love to paint one a bright color!

This pair of twin bamboo headboards- gorgeous.

The proprietor of this eclectic store is Paul Aronson, who happens to be a dead ringer for Jerry Garcia and is happy to demonstrate his bongo prowess to customers, as you can see below. If you think the furniture is interesting, wait until you start chatting with Paul. It's hugely interesting to hear about the provenance of everything in the store, not to mention some of the notable clientele that drops into his store. Bonus points that he entertained my dad with car talk while while my mom and I browsed around!

Paul makes some of the furniture himself in his workroom in the back, pictured here.

He crafted these gorgeous bookshelves, shown here stacked on top of each other.

Finally, I could have walked away with any number non-bamboo accessories in the store. These pineapple sconces were certainly one of a kind.

A stunning pair of lamps featuring Chinese figures.

What a lovely way to display collectibles- I'll have to remember this idea- of course this means I'll have to collect something worth displaying first!

Long story short- if you're in West Palm, then not only must you shop Dixie Highway, but you must stop by Bamboo & Rattan and take a spin around. I dare you not to swoon!

Bamboo & Rattan
4900 S. Dixie Highway
West Palm Beach, FL 33405
(561) 315-7295

Have lunch afterwards at chic hole-in-the-wall Belle & Maxwell (another Simon Doonan favorite)- grab a seat on the tented patio- and you've got yourself a perfect day!

11 comments: said...

What a treasure chest! Thanks for sharing this gem;)


Pemberley said...

Ok, let's plan a road trip to Florida. I'll get a big truck. I'm coming from Philly and will stop and pick up any MoS fan that wants to come. Kids, work, husbands, who cares!? Ok, maybe this is a female version of a midlife crisis. Men can have their sports cars, I want my used furniture road trip. Champagne in a styrofoam cup anyone?

Anonymous said...

OH WOW - I WANT some of those chippendale bamboo chairs!!! Do you happen to know if he ships them? Did you buy any? I, too, have been searching for them forever - haven't been successful yet - til I saw THOSE today! I used to live in DC (for many many years) but now live in RI - and am not going to FL anytime soon (in-laws live there - LOL)

Anonymous said...

You must have a very chic mom to take you to such a fabulous store! What a find, and you included every detail to make us all want to travel to Paul's Rattan shop!

Lacquered Life said...

Wow ladies! You have outdone yourselves. I am headed down that direction at Christmastime, and there is no question where I will be spending the majority of my time--bring on the lacquer!

JS Moving & Storage said...

No need to drive down in a big, uncomfortable truck people- we visit Paul all the time!!!Shop in comfort, enjoy the ambiance of the store and Paul's unique style, then call us, and we'll pick it up for you!!!

JS Moving & Storage- 718-418-6570
NYC D.O.T 1366595

Rattan said...

It's wonderful shop. I'd like to visit there one. I can see many fabulous rattan and bamboo handicrafts. Thanks for the post.

Howard said...

Was ther last week, do agree they have great stuff,yet their prices are off the wall!!! I wanted two shabby bamboo dining room chairs and he quoted me $500.00 each!!

Anonymous said...

This shop does have beautiful and unique one of a kind pieces. It's too bad that Paul is such an abrasive and obnoxious individual. I may have splurged on one of these overpriced bamboo beauties but this man was so in my face shouting about how much he charges and what an exclusive clientele he has, that I just left. The shop was filthy and I heard him being verbally abusive to a female employee/coworker. Good Luck if you decide to shop here. He doesn’t deserve my money.

Melissa V said...

Hi there!

I just found your blog as I was searching for faux bamboo and when I found this particular post, I knew I was hooked on your blog! I'm from California and we certainly don't have stores like the ones in FL where the faux bamboo furniture flows like water! I definitely must take a trip to Florida to see this with my own eyes!

I also looked at your One Room Challenge posts! I love your pops of color and choice of photography in your son's room! Beautiful work!
I'm currently redoing our front living room, Don Draper style. I've fallen in love with decorating through this whole process and its nice to meet like-minded people!


Anonymous said...

B&R is just wonderful. I flew down from RI one weekend this summer. The owner (Paul) came in and opened the store up for me to peruse through while he played on his drums. I found rattan pieces for the living room, guest bedroom, and a cute little chair for the grandkids. I highly recommend this store. I even found a decoupage backgammon table!! People are playing backgammon all the time, ha ha. Paul has all the loot. Definitely worth the trip.

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