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Monday, December 14, 2009

MoS Decorates for Christmas

I finally got around to decorating my apartment for Christmas last night- luckily it doesn't take much to get my small apartment into the Christmas spirit! Considering we featured this Miles Redd picture umpteen times on the blog, I decided to go for the glamorous wreath over the mirror look also. So I put on my Pandora internet radio Christmas station and got busy.

First, the wreath. I tend to buy the plain wreaths without any pinecones or other doodads. Not only are they less expensive, but I think they create a cleaner look. With the ribbon, I decided to shy away from the normal red, gold, or plaid ribbon and used a wide multicolor striped grosgrain. I am from Florida, after all! In college I made and sold purses and tote bags, and six years later, I still find myself with an inordinate amount of grosgrain ribbon leftover from my business. I put it on packages, I use it in Christmas decorations, but the rolls never seem to end!

Here's something I am SO proud to display- my ikat stockings made by hand by none other than my talented co-blogger MoS Charlotte! She gave two of them to me for my birthday a few weeks ago and I have been dying to put them up ever since.

I also added some garland to the top of the fireplace. I love that I have a wood-burning fireplace, but am less enamored with the fact that it has no mantle! Thus the garland creates that sort of a mantle look. Here's the finished product.

I was also inspired to add a little garland to my banister. Again, I have loads of this pink polka dot grosgrain ribbon, so figured I might as well make use of it!

And finally, I've already gotten a few Christmas cards from friends who are significantly more organized than I am, and used a bit of ribbon to create a makeshift card holder on a small, narrow portion of wall between the kitchen and dining area. Basically I cut a strip of ribbon, put a bow on the top, and attached it to the wall. The cards are held onto the ribbon with paperclips. Of course you can buy card displays, but I can think of more exciting things to spend $20+ on! All these decorations can really add up.

What's missing? Yup, a tree! I have not quite decided if I'm going to go get a small live tree, or use a fun gold decorative tree that I bought last year at Gracious Home in NYC. It will be a snap decision this week...stay tuned!

Are you finished decorating for Christmas? Any favorite hints or tricks for decorating?

1 comment:

Alaina @ Live Creating Yourself said...

Real tree! Real tree! I promise you'll be happy with that choice every time you walk into the room and smell pine. : )

On another note, I want those beautiful stockings!! Will they be available on the MoS store any time soon?


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