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Friday, December 4, 2009

It's Cocktail Time!!!

No, I'm not impersonating everyone's favorite queen of powdered-ranch-dressing packets and crockpot favorites.  Rather, I am talking about cocktail watches!  They are the perfect accessory for all your holiday parties, providing style AND function!  Our favorites have a delicate black satin strap and a flurry of diamonds surrounding the bezel!

This group of cocktail watches will set you back a pretty penny.  But man, are they gorgeous or what?!  The Tiffany Oval Cocktail Watch makes our heart skip a beat...

This grouping is still what we would consider "fine jewelry," but they don't involve taking out a second mortgage to afford them.  For what it's worth, both MoS girls love their Michele watches!

My mom has a watch exactly like this one that once belonged to my dad's mom.  It is so delicate and absolutely stunning.  Even though it does not keep time anymore, it is just a beautiful piece of jewelry.

This group of cocktail watches is perfect for the buyer who isn't ready to make a big commitment.  You *think* you will wear it, but you aren't positive.  Try one of these out and see what you think.  If you wear it a ton (we think you will!), then you can always upgrade to one of the categories above!  Of this group, the Skagen crystal bezel watch is our favorite!

For the budget fashionista, you can't go wrong with these choices!  Yes, we really don't like knock-offs, and it seems like each of the watches below closely resembles a watch above...  But, once again, if you aren't ready to commit  to a more expensive watch, then these are some good options.

Pedre, $90

Do you have a cocktail watch?  I really wear mine much more than I ever thought I would.  And one trick worth mentioning- check the Saks and Neimans outlets for Michele cocktail watches at steep discounts.  They probably won't come with the classic black satin strap, but you can EASILY replace that cobalt blue croc strap with a black satin strap you purchase online!


Miss Wendy said...

They are all so beautiful. I have been dreaming of an antique marcasite watch for awhile now. Santa if you are listening....


Great post and love the reference to you know who! I do have a cocktail watch I inherited years ago-its Cartier with a diamond bezel and satin strap-really gorgeous. I take it out one or twice a year but like a vintage car always seems to need servicing! Have a great day-

Rachel said...

New to your blog, but I like what I see so far :) I also love the juicy watch!

Jeanne said...

What a great post! I do not have a cocktail watch and desperately need one. It is always the last thought as I am running out the door. You have inspired me...Tiffany is gorgeous but I would be happy with any of the other selections as well. Love your blog. Looking forward to following!

gerald said...

Hi guys,

If you're looking for a marcasite cocktail watch, or a vintage cocktail watch, can I suggest you try Watch Me Go:
They're far more affordable than the second mortgage options!

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