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Thursday, December 31, 2009

"I Married Adventure" is back!

**Update- both copies have already sold. We're working on getting our hands on a few more copies though...stay tuned!**

We have two more copies of Osa Johnson's I Married Adventure in the Matters of Style Store!

House Beautiful

Both copies have the stylish zebra cover, of course. You can find one here under our normal listing. The second one has a dust jacket over the zebra cover (very rare to find with this book) and is listed here.

If you didn't get a copy for Christmas, now's your chance! Incidentally, I've been reading my own copy of this book and I must say it's definitely a page turner. It's an easy read and will make you want to pick up and move to an exotic land. Adventure does not even begin to describe her and her husband's journeys around the world and into the thick of uncharted lands. Whether she's trying to make nice with a cannibalistic chief in the South Pacific or being charged by an elephant in Africa, Osa makes it all seem so easy! Although the book is best known these days for its amazing cover, you're missing out if you don't also read the story.

1 comment:

Jeanne said...

I received a copy for Christmas as a result of your last post ( I sent it to my husband). Can't wait to read it!

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