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Monday, December 28, 2009

Giving Thanks

Although the radio stations are no longer playing Christmas carols and the Griswolds aren't on TBS 24/7, we haven't yet begun to undecorate the tree or put away our Christmas gifts.  But making a list of notes we need to write and actually purchasing some thank you notes makes us feel like we are taking a step in the right direction. 

For dressy holiday thank you stationery, these folded notes with a gold wreath and foil lining are beautiful.  They are rather formal but perfect for the right occasion!

Crane Engraved Gold Wreath, $9 for 10 cards

These cards in Kate Spade's classic green are just adorable!  The striped envelope liners absolutely make them.  Details such as lined envelopes, a monogram, or engraved text make such a huge difference in stationery. 

When a more casual card is appropriate, these notes with "thank you" written in three colorful languages perfectly fit the bill!

Kate Spade Cards, $30 for 10

We love supporting the independent artists whose products are featured on etsy.  These "merci" notecards with a sketched Eiffel Tower are precious!

Etsy Merci Cards, $18 for 12

Red and white is a classic, happy color combination.  You could use these notes to show appreciation for holiday gifts or even any time of the year!

These folded notecards with classic navy trim are the deal of the day.  We'd like to see them in person to check out the quality, because the price seems too good to be true!

Target Blue Notes, $8 for 50

I just went to Target and checked out their "letterpress" line.  It really is so pretty (and budget-friendly!), and it is printed on good quality cardstock.  These green dandelion cards are perfect!

Pink and green is such a fun color combination, but we will admit that it is a bit overplayed.  These notes are a more sophisticated twist on the classic pink and green combination.

Cherry blossoms are one of our all-time favorite flowers.  MoS Washington chose them for her beautiful change-of-address cards a few years ago, and I have loved them ever since. 

 Bright colors, flowering trees, and bird nests give these thank you notes an ethereal feeling.  They are beautiful!

Although you can't see it from this picture, these Kate Spade notecards are imprinted with fortune cookie sayings such as, "many thanks are in your future" and "you will be graciously thanked."  The red, white, and gold color combination is so dramatic and regal!

Do you buy special thank you notes, or do you just use regular stationery?  Which thank you notes are your favorite?


Kelly Green said...

Thank you for these suggestions. I love your choices and have have a ton of letters to write after all the fabulous Christmas gifts. Now to just get my children to write their 'thank yous' without too much coaxing......wish me luck!

Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors said...

"Giving Thanks." What I lovely post. Interesting enough...Over the holidays, my son and I were attending many family gatherings. At one point I heard my son, ask his Aunt..."Could you give the address of Polly, I would like to send her a thank you card."
That to me was the greatest gift, that I received for Christmas. Thank you. Happy New Year!` maureen

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