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Friday, November 13, 2009

Urban Adventures

I knew I had "grown up" in a sense when I went into Urban Outfitters last year (for the first time in a while) and after about five minutes fled from the store declaring "that music is SO loud! Can't they turn it down???"  Back in my hayday I could spend hours wandering the store and examining its alluring, oft-ironic odds and ends. But these days that's hard to do considering I can't hear myself think over the din of the indy/hipster/emo soundtrack that's inevitably playing.

However, I am thinking of venturing back into Urban Outfitters this weekend to check out their home selection, since what we've been seeing online in recent months is truly impressive. Sure they still have "ironic" novelties such as the Slimer Bank and Macrame Owl (couldn't you get original versions of both of those things on ebay? But I digress...)

I am loving the sawhorse desk look and think these Sawhorse Table Legs, $38, fit the bill quite nicely. I'd pait them another color, stack on a glass table top, and call it a day.....instant desk for under $100.

Sawhorse Table Legs

We've featured these Ikat Slipper Chair, $325, a couple of times before but just keep going back to them.

Slipper Chair - Jewel Ikat  Ikat Slipper Chair - Indigo

And this Lulu Chair, $425, reminds me of something you'd find at Anthropologie for 5 times the price.

Lulu Chair - Red Pepper

Inexpensive headboards abound at Urban Outfitters. I especially love the Emilio Lemondrop Headboard, $428. The Tufted Headboard Bella Lichen, $348, reminds me of the Draper's headboard on Mad Men!

Emilio Lemondrop Headboard  Tufted Headboard- Bella Lichen

This Modern Headboard, $325, is similar to the one I put together on my own for about $94- check it out here.

Modern Velvet Headboard - Verdigris

Loving the Trifecta Nesting Table, $215 and Metal Accordian Table, $60. I wish the metal accodian table was a little bit more gold, but you could easily paint it.

Trifecta Nesting Tables  Metal Accordian Side Table

This Jet Set Storage Bench, $240, would be perfect used as a cocktail table, or in a nursery for storing toys.

Jet Set Storage Bench - Sage Tweed

I have always been drawn to the whimsical accessories at Urban Outfitters, such as the Little Birch Jewelry Stand, $28 and Ceramic Hand Jewelry Stand, $18

Little Birch Jewelry Stand  Ceramic Hand Jewelry Stand

Again, a very Anthropologie-esque vibe from this Gypsy Chandelier, $158.

Gypsy Chandelier - Large

This UO Stockholm Knit Pillow, $32 remind me of a Pucci print meets kilim pillow.
UO Stockholm Knit Pillow

I wish, wish wish that this Peacock Printed Rug, $18-58 came in shapes other than round!


For a Domino-esque look try this Antlers hook, $19.99.


Also, MoS Charlotte has said that she recently saw a huge sale on home items at her local Urban Outfitters, so you may just find some of these items at bargain prices if you stop in soon.

What do you think of Urban Outfitter's new home section? Do you agree they've gone from hipster to just plain hip?


Erin said...

I love looking through their home section. I have a several accessories/rugs in my home from them...always fun colors, pretty affordable...what's not to love?! Your selections here are plain fab!

Kelly Unemployed said...

I just picked up a table really similar to the Metal Accordian Table at TJ Maxx for $39 and I love it! However, every lamp I put on it doesn't seem to fit right. Any suggestions?

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