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Friday, November 20, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide- Children's Gifts

While we generally haven't given much thought to children's gifts, well, since we were children, now that nieces and nephews and children of our own are popping up, it is so much fun to see what options are out there.  We have to admit we are partial to some of the same toys we played with as children, and the thought of buying video games makes us cringe. 

This Funny Face Food Plate is so cute for a little child.  We have looked for it EVERYWHERE and it seems like it is sold-out all over the place.  If anyone knows where it can be purchased, we would be eternally grateful!

How cute is this alphabet series from Etsy seller JHillDesign?  She uses graphic prints and color to create animals such as A is for Aardvark, B is for Bear, C is for Camel, etc.

It's nice to see that Lincoln Logs are still around!  My sister and I were most definitely "girly girls" but we still loved building log cabins a la Little House on the Prairie...

Where the Wild Things Are is such a classic.  I have to admit it was never my favorite growing up, but it's at the top of my husband's list. 

This adorable elephant storage bin (it comes in "owl" too!) is the perfect way to keep toys out of the way and organized!

This Waboba Bouncing Water Ball is perfect for children (or adults!) who love the water.  It bounces up to 5-feet on top of the water.  One MoS husband is definitely getting one of these for Christmas...

How cute is this little cowboy pull-along toy?!  It reminds us of A Toy Story, and we love how it looks so old-fashioned.

Every little girl needs a tea set!  This pretty pink rosebud Tea with Eloise set is so dainty and pretty!

The Berkley Illustration animals wearing business suits are adorable!  We think a grouping of them would be so cute in a children's room.  The Powerful Owl is no exception!

The gift that MoS Washington and I always wanted but never received...  How fun to make gemstones out of what seems like regular old gravel?!

For a little child, this plush rocking horse can provide hours of fun! 

Just about every little girl I know would love a pink polka-dotted pram for her babydoll. 

This colorful craft table and stools is perfect for every family with small children.  It's just the right size, and the animals are so fun!

Some things just cannot be improved upon!  Like a good old-fashioned tricycle.  We love the classic red with red and white streamers. 

Doesn't every child need a life-size stuffed giraffe?  We always would pour over the huge animals in the FAO Schwartz catalog as children, and while FAO Schwartz might be gone, you can still find the animals like this zebra!

Just what every little girl needs- a pink vintage convertible pedal roadster.  You have to admit this is a whole lot cuter than that pink Barbie powerwheels we always wanted... 

And for a little boy, how about this Sky King Pedal Plane?  He would definitely be the coolest kid on the block with this fabulous vintage airplane pedal car!

Are you buying any gifts for children this year?  What is the must-have gift? 


My Notting Hill said...

When I was litte I always wanted a rock tumbler but never got one! Love the letters from jhill designs - great find.

Chicago City Girl said...

Thanks for sharing all these great ideas - with many friends having babies now, this is the first year I need to think about children's gifts!

Anne said...

Re: FAO Schwartz - I'm glad to say they still have a catalog, website and their 5th Ave store reopened although it's now owned by Toys R Us (sadness). They also still have jumbo stuffed-animals- I love the lion but they don't have anything as great as that zebra!

Lauren said...

what great toys!! I just saw the funny food plates at a Borders in Reston. (By the Town Center!)

That huge zebra is AMAZING!!!

Hope all's well!!

Roy D. Slater said...

I just love that airplane pedal car. I had no idea that anyone made anything like that. My son is crazy about planes and I know that he'd just love that.

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