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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

All Greek to Me

Greek Key patterns have been around for ages. But lately, they have been popping up more in my day-to-day routine. Namely, in my living room with this Williams-Sonoma Home Greek key rug I scored at the Pottery Barn outlet a few weeks back (I posted about it here).

And on this Gorham Etruscan flatware I spotted at the Sleepy Poet last week...

Gorham Etruscan

Greek Key patterns have been used in a variety of rooms, and they look great with so many different styles of furniture.

Can you spot the Greek key pattern in Katie Lee Joel's living room?  Hint: check out the pair of brown armchairs.  We love this subtle and unexpected use of the pattern!

Katie Lee Joel

Suzanne Kasler creates fabulous rooms, and there is just so much we love about this bedroom.  Not the least of which is the navy and white Greek key pattern on the bench here- we love that the pattern is a little "off" and mixes two styles of Greek keys.  So unique and interesting!

Suzanne Kasler

Miles Redd uses a modified Greek key pattern on the brown-and-white armchair in this fabulous sitting room with lacquered peacock blue walls.  No, the chair isn't traditional Greek key, but it is such a unique and interesting variation on the traditional pattern.

Aerin Lauder uses the Greek key pattern in her gold leaf coffee table.  Like the chairs in Katie Lee Joel's room above, we love the subtlety of the pattern in the table legs- regal yet so refined and tasteful.

Aerin Lauder in Elle Decor

Amanda Nisbet really knows how to use color and pattern perfectly!  The Greek key headboard in this bedroom adds a little touch of masculinity to the room and keeps it from feeling to frou-frou girly.

Amanda Nisbet

The Greek key pattern has been around for ages, yet it can make any room feel so modern.  These throw pillows are the perfect accent to this modern bedroom.  And we love how the straight lines found throughout the room are softened by the curves of the table and inconsistencies of the zebra rug.  And yellow is the perfect pop of color!

David Jimenez

What a fabulous idea, to use a modified Greek key pattern on a pelmet with simple panels.  This is a great way to give a custom look to ready-made panels.  And we were definitely inspired by Little Green Notebook's exercises in pelmet-making!

Decor Pad

The Greek key pattern in this sunny bedroom is so subtle you might miss it!  But look closely at the sheets and pillows.  You don't expect to see Greek key, grasscloth walls, and coral in the same room, but we love this mixture of contrasting styles.

Decor Pad

What a fabulous headboard!  A Greek key pattern is the PERFECT way to keep a bedroom from feeling too girly.  Here, we have fern wallpaper and a botanical print, pink lampshades and pillowcases, etc.  This room could easily feel like every girl's dream (and every man's nightmare).  But add in the Greek key trim on the upholstered headboard, and you have a room to satisfy both of the sexes!

Decor Pad

Another room with peacock blue!  It has really been growing on us (and on La Dolce Vita too!)  The Greek key detailing on the bedding adds just the right amount of interest to the simple white linens. 

Decor Pad

How stunning is the pattern on this fireplace?  We fell in love with Gil Schafer's home when we first spotted it on Habitually Chic last week. 

Gil Shafer courtesy of Habitually Chic

If you want to add a Greek key element to your own home, there are a variety of options and many price points.  Here are some of our favorite pieces:

From Plantation Home, this end table is so fabulous.  The gold and black is such a regal combination, and this table would be stunning in a living room.

Greek Key End Table, $725

If you loved Aerin Lauder's coffee table above, this end table could be perfect for you!  We love the legs of it, and the two tiers make it super functional too!

Since Jonathan Adler appropriately gave us a refund after their lacquered tray faux pas, we have decided to bury the hatchet.  His Greek key rug is so modern yet classic and would look great in any room.  We would probably use it with simpler fabrics since it is such a substantive part of the room, as opposed to an accent pillow here or there. 

Jonathan Adler Greek Key Rug, $2,400 for 8x10

While we typically prefer bedding with a Greek key trim to bedding with the allover pattern, Williams Sonoma Home knows how to use the allover pattern in such a tasteful way.  This sky blue is so peaceful and soothing with the white furniture and walls.  And it's on sale, so you may want to look out for it in your local Pottery Barn outlet in the not-so-distant future.

Williams Sonoma Home Greek Key Duvet, $400

When you need to add a modern accent to your traditional room, you can't go wrong with these raised velvet and silk Greek key pillows.  They would look great on a pair of matching armchairs, and the velvet adds a coziness to really warm up the room.

For a budget-friendly option, we inevitably turn to our trusty Z Gallerie, who doesn't disappoint!  We love the navy and aqua color combination especially!

Z Gallerie Greek Key Pillows, $40

And finally, we are absolutely in love with this gold leaf lamp from Serena and Lilly.  The lines are so clean and modern- this would be gorgeous in a living room, bedroom, library, or study.   The price is a little high for a table lamp, but this is one you will have for years and years to come.


Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

I adore Greek key patterns. That table from Plantation Home is amazing. I just added a Greek key pattern with ribbon to some curtain panels for an inexpensive option for jumping on the Greek Key train.

Alaina @ Live Creating Yourself said...

want that lamp. unfortunately the only thing in my budget on this list are the z gallerie pillows. they are cute!

Paloma {La Dolce Vita} said...

I love Greek Key! I can't imagine that I will ever grow tired of it. You included so many great images!

One little thing, although the lamp is available through Serena and Lily it is actually an Alexa Hampton for Visual Comfort design. :)

Cristin said...

What a fun post! you scored on the PB rug too!

cristin @ simplified bee

inthetweeds said...

First off, I LOVE the WS rug you got. Amazing! Secondly, that lamp is so awesome and I want it! And third, I love all the examples you picked out! Great post!

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