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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Your MoS Personal Shopper: Scarves for Fall

Today begins our first installment of the MoS Personal Shopper feature!  We will spotlight a particular fashion-related item and then give you our top pics, in a variety of styles, colors, and price points!  If there is something you would like us to feature, please leave us a comment and let us know!

Scarves are an essential cold-weather accessory!  Not only are they functional, especially if you live in a city and walk around in the cold, but they are also a fun accessory and way to add color and style to your outfit. 

Gwyneth opts for the OVERSIZE scarf!  But it really works with her skinny black pants and fitted black top.  A voluminous scarf is a good contrast to the tailored, monochromatic black.

Jessica Alba loves her scarves!  We don't quite understand wearing a big scarf with a tee shirt or tank, but we like how she ties and wraps them. 

Katie Holmes may not be wearing the most exciting outfit on earth, but we love that her scarf adds an element of interest and pop of color to her look.  The way she has lopped it through is how we typically tie our scarves.

The oh-so-glamorous Rachel Zoe definitely knows how to work a scarf!  It looks like she is wearing a basic black pashmina as a scarf (something we do all the time), and it coordinates just perfectly with her big black Birkin (what doesn't?).

Reese always looks cute as a button, and she often wears a scarf as her main accessory.  We like the pop of turquoise here, to add some interest to her basic black and jeans.

And for our top pics...

Orange and pink is such a gorgeous combo!  This scarf is really a wrap, but it works beautifully tied like a scarf and would look so fab with a winter coat!

Yellow is so cheery and fun for Fall.  If you aren't brave enough to wear a yellow coat (or don't have it in your budget), this is a great way to add just the right splash of color!

Love Missoni but hate the price?  This is the perfect option for you!  And purple is huge for fall!

What a fun twist to put a classic houndstooth on a pashmina!  It's unexpected and adorable!

It's the details that really make an outfit, and this scarf is no exception.  A basic wool scarf embellished with glittery rhinestones- perfect!

You can't go wrong with the classic Burberry novacheck.  It has stood the test of time, and we are happy that Burberry seems to have recaptured some of its intended audience now that it is not splashed all over town as much as before.  Maybe that ban in England had something to do with it...

Love the classic DVF lips but not brave enough to wear her Gildred Lips Dress

It's like Missoni, but so much cheaper and in brighter colors!

We have never tried wearing one of these infinity scarves, but they seem perfectly chic and stylish.  We would loop it once around the neck and then leave the longer loop hanging in the front.  I think.

An ivory scarf looks so gorgeous with a black coat!  And leave it to Kate Spade to add fun little felt snowflake appliques!

Black watch plaid is a fall classic- during my not-so-stylish early teenage years when I shopped at Harolds and Talbots, my favorite outfit included an ankle length black watch plaid pencil skirt.  Thankfully I have moved on from the long plaid skirts, and this cute crinkle scarf is a much more stylish way to fill the void it left in my life.

Pink and red, scarf and mittens, what a perfect pair!  We cannot believe it is only $10 and think Kate Spade would happily display this on the shelves of her store!

If you want the real deal Missoni, this color combo is fab!  The price is a little high, but this is a scarf you will have forever.  Something worth mentioning:  around this time last year, my sister hit the jackpot and found TONS of Missoni scarves at DSW for around $20.  Thankfully I was the lucky recipient of one of these stylish scarves!  I've never been to DSW, but it might be worth checking out!

We typically think of Pucci as a summery fabric, but it can add just the right breath of fresh air on a cold winter day!  I have this scarf and have worn is as a wrap at night, but now I am definitely going to try it out with a jacket for fall!

Fur scarves and collars add instant glamour to an outfit.  Ebay is a fabulous resource for finding vintage fur collars and scarves- you can get them for a fraction of what they cost new, and for some reason vintage fur doesn't make us as sad as the new stuff.

Skull scarves definitely peaked a couple of years ago, but we still think they are fun and unexpected.

While we can't get up the nerve to wear fair isle sweaters, we love a classic fair isle scarf!  The adorable pom poms are an added bonus!

This yellow and white fringey scarf reminds us of a summer picnic, in a good way! 

This scarf incorporates all of our favorite colors!  It would look fab with any coat, or even with a sweater and jeans like it is styled in this picture.

I think I am a little obsessed with elephants, so this scarf from Tory Burch is definitely on my Christmas list!

This simple striped wool scarf will be your go-to scarf all winter!  We'd love it with a bright red coat!

Another fair isle scarf done right!  This scarf has such a fun vintage feel!

Ruffles and cashmere, what a fabulous combination!  We love this scarf, especially with a coat having clean, classic lines.

Which scarf is your favorite?  And don't forget to tell us what fashion items you would like to see in the MoS Personal Shopper series!


Betsy said...

I might put the Tolani leaf scarf on my Chrismtas list!

littledaisymay said...

I'm loving all the scarves :) They're my favorite fall/winter accessory!

goheels83 said...

I am loving the anthro ruffly scarf and the black/white houndstooth! Cute scarves! :) I feel like scarves are one of the easiest ways to change the whole look of an outfit.

Jaime said...

Great selection! Love the first one from Anthro, the Kate Spade white & black, and Tory Burch elephants!

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

I love scarves, I wore mine today. I love the ones you picked and think I might have to add some more to my collection.

spark! (Ada-Marie) said...

Awesome series! I love the squiggle scarf and the striped Tori Burch. I would love to see an installment on belts -- can't seem to find any fab belts this season....

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