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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Skull Cull

Perhaps it's the fact that I recently read When You Are Engulfed in Flames, the latest work from the brilliant and humorous David Sedaris, which features some in-your-face skull cover art, not to mention an entire story devoted to the author's "conversation" with a skeleton he purchases in France (trust me, the book is not as weird as that makes it sound!)...

Or perhaps it's the fact that I have always loved taking convention and turning it on its head just a little with this sleek black lacquer tray I recently spotted at Pottery Barn. Though it's technically part of their Halloween decor, I would not hesitate to use this the 11 other months of the year...

Skull Tray
Pottery Barn Skull Tray

Whatever it is, I'm a little skull-happy lately, and judging by all of the stylish, chic, and decidedly non-gothic skull paraphernalia on the market these days, the skull motif is fit for year round consumption.

One of these days I would love to acquire one of Smathers & Branson's jolly roger needlepoint belts. They have your traditional black and white jolly roger that we blogged about a couple of months ago, but this pink and green women's number is a close second...

Smathers & Branson Pink Jolly Roger Belt

I also love Ralph Lauren's collegiate-inspired twist on the skull & crossbones on this bedding. It's definitely an unexpected motif that you could pair with a traditional plaid/masculine comforter, or shake things up a little and do something completely unexpected like a feminine pink duvet cover!

University Black Skull Sheeting - Lauren Home -
University Black Skull Sheeting, Ralph Lauren

We're awfully impressed by the fact this cool pink skull plate is actually a DIY project. How fun would it be to create a set with a pink plate, a purple plate, an orange plate, and a green plate?

DIY Skull Plate

If you are a (understandably) not about to spend your Saturday afternoon making your own skull plates, or don't have pink fishnets lying around the house, how about a personalized melamine one? Not really for use with company, but fun nonetheless.

Preppy Plates - Personalized Melamine Plates (Preppy Skull & Crossbones - Girls)
Personalized Melamine Plate, Preppy Plates

On the recent Eddie Ross flea market tour I attended, Eddie was rocking a skull & crossbones webbed belt...not the exact same this one, but very similar. 

One of my favorite Stubbs & Wootton patterns that they've had around for a while and hopefully will keep till I can afford a pair!

Stubbs & Wooton Skull Slipper

I am dying over these skull & crossbones baby slippers from Ralph Lauren- they are so fabulous. My only concern is that they might be kind of scary to a baby? We might have to have mom-to-be MoS Charlotte weigh in on this one.

Velvet Skull-and-Bones Slip-On - Layette -
Velvet Skull and Bones Baby Slip-on, Ralph Lauren

I'd love to rock this ring at a cocktail party!

Skull Ring, Dior Fine Jewelry 

Alexander McQueen is doing a lot of skull accessories this fall, and this ring is a highlight.

Alexander McQueen Bee-Topped Skull Ring

I love this unexpected twist on little stud earrings...slightly subversive in a subtle way.

TOM BINNS Tough Chic Skull Stud Earrings
Tom Binns Tough Chic Skull Earrings

More Alexander McQueen. Again, I think the power of the skull is in subtlety. The skull clasp on this purse is brilliant and unexpected. 

Photo of Alexander McQueen skull clutch
Skull Clutch, Alexander McQueen

We have been a little bit of a broken record touting Z Gallerie lately, but they've got great stuff that's all over the style map. This beaded pillow would definitely jazz up your favorite chair. Again, I see this as perfect for year round use (or at least all winter) rather than a "decoration" per se.

Click here to view larger image
Skull Pillow, Z Gallerie

This skull scarf is unexpected...we love the purple color, and think you could actually get away with this in the office.

hand painted silk skull scarf - large square - purple and aqua
Hand Painted Silk Skull Scarf, Crrysstall on Etsy

You'll be yo-ho-hoing away once you drink whatever you've got in this flask!

Jolly Roger (black) Needlepoint Flask™
Jolly Roger Flask, Smathers & Branson

I love the skull motif on these cards because it evokes a "natural history" vibe- the same antique, organic style as coral & rock specimens, antique animal prints, and mounted butterflies. 

Skull Stationery, DL & Company

Add an unexpected twist to even the most prim and proper stationery by sealing the back with a skull sticker (and the price is right!)

One Inch Skulls Round Seals
Skull Seals, Petite Paperie on Etsy

These letterpress skull & crossbone personalized cards are really stunning. We are constantly amazed at the fantastic products we see on Etsy- check out the rest of this seller's letterpress items- you'll want it all!

Skull and Crossbones personalized stationery. Custom Letterpress, set of 25.

Are skulls in your fall/winter forecast? Do you favor the home items, the jewelry, or the accessories? Or neither? Tell us where you stand on the skull spectrum!


An alert reader just clued us in to Target's seasonal home line that is quite heavy on the chic did we miss that? A few favorites...

Product Image Bone Collector Cocktail Plate Set of 4
Bone Collector Cocktail Plates

Product Image Bone Collector Serving Platter
Bone Collector Serving Platter- love how this looks like your normal chain-link pattern from far away.

Product Image Skull Melamine Appetizer Plate Set of 12 - 6"
Skull Melamine Appetizer Plates

Oh, and one final goes without saying that we advocate one skull accessory at a time, lest your guests feel like they are being served cocktails at the Addams Family's house!


DAM said...

Hey Y'all - I'm suprised you didn't mention anything from Target's entire skull collection in black/silver/purple they launched this year.

The Matters of Style Girls said...

Oh my gosh! How did we miss that! Thanks for the tip, DAM, we may have to supplement the post!

Julie said...

There are certainly a lot of fun skull items out there, but I can't get into using them at any time other than Halloween. I've seen lots of fashionable people wearing skull accessories, but I just can't get into it - not for me!

Jaime said...

Skulls are def a huge trend right now. Love that DIY plate! Also like the rings!

Jenn said...

Skull art = cute when done right. Actually stringing a real human skeleton from the ceiling of your bedroom the way Sedaris did...not gonna lie...that idea was traumatizing to me!

Secret Agent T said...

Eeek- I love the mix of super preppy things and the more edgy skulls (mainly the belt and the loafers)... I am going to have to check out the target line.

childrens bedding said...

Great display of skull merchandise, great post. I love the melamine plate.

petitepaperie said...

Thank you for featuring my skull seals ... and wow in the same article with a book from my favorite writer David Seadaris again!

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