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Monday, October 26, 2009

Needlepoint Roundup

In the fashion world where, to paraphrase Heidi Klum, one day you're in, and the next day you're out, it's nice to know that certain types of accessories have a classic, timeless appeal. Case in point- needlepoint. While we know we're not going to see a needlepoint belt parading down the runway at Bryant Park anytime soon, we also know that due to this fact, we're not going to be seeing them on the clearance rack at Loehmans once they've had their heyday. Needlepoint accessories are not a one-season purchase; they're a long-term investment. They are whimsical, casually chic, and speak to the interests of their owner or wearer, with makes the MoS girls big fans. 

10 years ago the only way to get your hands on, say, a needlepoint belt was to splash out $350 for one at C. Orrico, or be lucky enough to have a friend/mother/sister make you one. But today you'll find a pleathora of needlepoint items on the marketplace at a variety of pricepoints. A few of our favorites:

We love to see needlepoint with a dash of humor, like this Chick Magnet Key Fob from Smathers & Branson.

Chick Magnet Needlepoint Key Fob™

Someone I know loves his Trident Belt and wears it all the time (note: Smathers & Branson makes belts for every school imaginable- and they make a great gift!)

I know this Beer Can Belt is geared towards men, but is it odd that I would kind of like to wear it? 

For women, Smathers & Branson makes some sophisticated designs that are a nice departure from what you typically see on a women's needlepoint belt. We love this Black Bamboo pattern.

Or the timeless Coral pattern.

Even Lilly Pulitzer has gotten in the needlepoint game this season with her greek key needlepoint belt. We are shocked it's not pink and green!

Lilly Pulitzer Resort 2008 Needlepoint Belt

Classic Lilly colors have a chance to shine in this Key Fob in Parade Pink Speckle & Hide.

Main image - Parade Pink Speckle And Hide

We love the appeal of a needlepoint makeup bag or change purse to throw in your purse. The design of this Needlepoint cosmetic bag, by By Paige has a retro appeal. 

Lime and White Cosmetic Bag

And of course how can one go wrong with houndstooth, like on this Coin Purse.

Needlepoint headbands are also fantastic for adding flair to a casual outfit, like this Smathers & Branson needlepoint headband.

Needlepoint Headband - Orange / Blue Repp Stripe Needlepoint Headband - Tucker Blair Needlepoint Headband

We are dying for these Leopard Needlepoint Flats by By Paige!

Leopard Needlepoint Ballet Flats

Stubbs & Wootton always has fantastic needlepoint shoes, like this new Guise Navy Mule.

How adorable are these Needlepoint Baby Booties by By Paige? Love those little gators!

Needlepoint Booties- Blue Gators

I have to confess that I've started a few needlepoint projects of my own, but have yet to actually finish one. I think my problem is that I started out to "big" with a large pillow and a belt. Those are a lot to take on for a beginning needlepointer! Perhaps I should start small, like with this adorable Empress Coin Purse case.

Sometimes it's difficult to find needlepoint patterns that are stylish. For example, as much as we love cats, we don't think we'll be rushing to complete the "All Burned Out" pattern anytime soon. Thus, we were delighted to find out about Jenny Henry, who makes needlepoint patterns that I'd be happy to actually use. Like this Black Weave Coin Purse from The Point of it All.

Black Weave Coin Purse

Or this Jenny Henry Knotted Mirror Frame, which you can actually have finished into a pillow (see below).

knotted frame monogram pillow by Jenny Henry Designs.

emperor frame by Jenny Henry Designs.

And of course we totally get a kick out of this mix-tape needlepoint pouch, which is available in kit form.

red cassette by Jenny Henry Designs.

Are you a needlepoint fan? Have you completed any great needlepoint projects? Do tell!


Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

I made a needlepoint belt and I am obsessed with it! It took me a while but I wear it all the time and it was such a fun thing to do. I love the key chains and pillows you featured!

Bex said...

Sarah, I have to show you my needlepoint belt. I'm about halfway through and it's covered in "Rebecca" in different fonts. A little crazy but I like it!

Julie said...

I like the belts, but the shoes, especially the blue ones, look a little old to me. I don't think I'd try that look.

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