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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Minute or Two

MoS Washington and I were talking the other day about how difficult it is to find stylish alarm clocks for the bedroom.  EVERYONE needs an alarm clock, but so many of them have the glowing LED numbers, are made of black plastic, and are just are not cute.  Alarm clocks are one area where it's hard to satisfy both form and function.

I realized that we must not be alone in our struggle to find a MoS-approved alarm clock, because when browsing through pictures of bedrooms and nightstands, very few were styled with alarm clocks.  Yet I guarantee you most of the nightstands you see in magazines are adorned with an alarm clock in real life.

Here are a precious few who had the guts to show them:

You might need a magnifying glass to see it, but I promise there is a clock on the right nightstand!

Elle Decor

A small crystal clock on a stack of LV luggage-turned-nightstand.  Brilliant!

House Beautiful

Another small clock, grouped with other pretty objects on this nightstand.

Elle Decor April 2009

A bedroom with a comfortable, lived-in look, yet style is not sacrificed at all!

House Beautiful

I proceeded to go in search of a cute alarm clock, and I was surprised to find that stylish clocks DO indeed exist!

If you want to spend alot, there are some fancy schmnacy options out there such as these:

Asprey's Clic Clak leather travel clock is beautiful, practical, and really really expensive.  (Although let's face it- you could buy yourself some VCA earrings or a Goyard tote for the price of this clock.) 

Need an alarm clock to match your favorite Cartier watch? (Or your favorite imaginary Cartier watch?)

We don't really buy into the whole "status clock" idea, but this brass cube clock from Tiffany really is beautiful and would look so elegant on a nightstand.  And compared to the Asprey and Cartier, it's a bargain!

Tiffany Brass Square Alarm Clock, $625

Or try this brushed brass Howard Miller version for a similar style, but a fraction of the price.

Howard Miller Camden Desk Clock 645-164 Brushed brass tone alarm clock with polished brass finished base and trim. White dial features black hands, Roman numerals and brass second hand....
Brushed Brass Clock, Howard Miller, $40.57

Also from Tiffany, this pink Atlas alarm clock is a fun punch of color for your bedroom.

If you don't want make such a big investment in an alarm clock, then check out these options:

The croc-embossed leather from Williams Sonoma Home is elegant and so pretty for your nightstand.  We loved it in coral croc this spring, but they have discontinued that color (maybe you could find it at the PB outlet for a song though).

Who knew that the Met Store carries a line of Frank Lloyd Wright clocks?!  Perfect for your modern sensibilities.

LL Bean's classic Moonbeam alarm clock has stood the test of time (ha) and comes in a variety of fun colors.  We love that instead of a traditional alarm, it softly lights up to wake you in a more peaceful manner. 

The classic numbers and retro style of this alarm clock, combined with the shiny nickel finish, make it perfect for any bedroom.

Not surprisingly, Unica Home has some really neat alarm clocks.  We love this transluscent glass one that is shaped like an egg. 

This Ballard brass alarm clock is a classic.  Our only complaint is that sometimes Ballard tries too hard to make things look like antiques when they really aren't.  While we like the solid brass construction, we would like this better if the face wasn't antiqued.

If you are the type who wakes up a few times every night to see what time it is, this Big Ben clock is perfect for you, because it is backlight and has luminescent hands.  We love the vintage style!

This nickel clock is perfect on a nightstand or would be perfect for travel.  And you can have it monogrammed!

For a fun splash of color, this retro-style alarm clock from Michael Sodeau for Unica Home fits the bill!  This would look great on a white lacquered nightstand, with the fab Solano bedding.

Another retro clock in fun apple green!  The hands light up, so it is both cute and practical.  And the price is so great, this would make a fab stocking stuffer!  Santa, are you reading?!

I have this Kate Spade alarm clock in a guest room in shiny lacquered green, and it is just adorable!  They are no longer available through Kate Spade, but you can find them on eBay.

We love how this Bulova alarm clock resembles the face of a submariner watch. Perfect for a stylish and sporty guy, don't you think?

Bulova Astronaut Desk Clock with Alarm  B2808 Adaptation of the Accutron Astronaut Limited Edition watch perfect for an executive desk accessory.  Heavy chrome metal case with a protective...
Bulova Astronaut desk clock, $40

And our pick of the day for both classic style and value is this silverplated bamboo clock from Pottery Barn. 

Do you have a stylish alarm clock, or do you go for function over style? 

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spark! (Ada-Marie) said...

Girls, you out-did yourselves today! I love this post. I especially love the Tiffany, Kate Spade and PB Bamboo alarm clocks. Now to convince my hubby to get rid of the gross Sony alarm clock that he has had since high school.... :)

Hat lady said...

Thank you! I´m looking for one!

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

I just bought the Pottery Barn bamboo alarm clock as a gift to my husband (translation:myself!)

Allyson/HBMomof2 said...

I have the LL Bean clock you showed and it is cute and functional, but I don't like the look of alarm clocks. I hide it behind a frame on my nightstand. Don't really know if that works with the point of your post, but I did love seeing all the clocks. My preference was that Kate Spade too. So cute.

Heather said...

Just FYI, I bought one of those Moonbeam clocks from LL Bean (in that color you show too!) last year. And it stopped working completely after 6 months. It looks good and all, but for reliability it stinks. If you must have a Moonbeam, I recommend getting a vintage one off Ebay instead. Just FYI to try and prevent people from wasting their money like I did.

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

I'll take that tiffany's alarm clock...the pink is very cute. I also really like the Pottery Barn Bamboo Clock for only $49! What a deal for such a chic accessory. I use my phone as an alarm clock, so maybe I should invest in one that is a little bit more stylish.

Amy said...

I love all the clocks and agree that a clock should be functional AND stylish. HOWEVER, be forwarned - I bought a silver one from Restoration Hardware a few years ago and the darn thing had such a loud tick that I couldn't fall alseep! It is now in the guest room.

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