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Monday, October 12, 2009

It must be fall...

Because this weekend I was inspired to go from this:

To this...

Every fall I love buying baby gourds and displaying them in a bowl. Each one is truly unique, and they capture the spirit of fall beautifully. They're a steal in comparison to any bowl-filler you'd find at Pottery Barn, and will usually last through Thanksgiving.

The possibilities for a fall-worthy centerpiece are endless- in addition to gourds, why not try any other symbols of the season, such as apples...

Image via Piechef

Image via Country Living

Or you can gather up a few pinecones....

Image via Country Living

Image via Good Housekeeping

Image via Country Living

You could also try acorns (and if you have little children, I'm sure they'd love to collect them for you!)

Image via Abby Try Again

Even wheat would make a lovely centerpiece that would last much longer than fresh flowers...

Image via My Hitching Post

And of course, everyone loves baby pumpkins- the white ones are a unique, chic twist on this classic.

Image via Country Living

From the MoS outtake reel- can you tell why plants don't normally last very long in my house?

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Have you make any updates in your home for fall?

1 comment:

Karli @ RockyBella said...

Yay for fall. Its the best time of year, I think.
I love the gourds. The picture of the fireplace and pine cones is making me very excited for Christmas. =)

p.s. your cat looks hilarious in the picture!

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