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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Is this heaven? No, it's Target!

Apologies to Field of Dreams but the above phrase is what popped into my head the second I got busy perusing the goods at Target over the weekend. When I was in law school and had random free afternoons I I found myself at Target a couple of days a week (ah, those were the days), but the busier I have gotten with work the over the years the less I find myself wandering aimlessly at Target. Of course, the fact that the closest Target is in Columbia Heights might have something to do with this- in the few visits I have made to that location their clothing and accessory section has always been abysmal.

Anyway, perhaps I am a little late to this party, but have you seen the new Merona Collection at Target? Yes, it's separate and distinct from the regular Merona line. Yes, it's awesome. Yes, you will want most things from the line. I have a hunch that Merona Collection has been introduced to take the place of Isaac Mizrahi's line.  And it's definitely delivering. The quality is heads and shoulders above what I am used to at Target, and it seems to have a more youthful focus than Isaac's line. Also, it comes in size 2, which Isaac did not offer and which I was always mad about, since his sizes tended to run large anyway.

I tried on this dress and loved it! Honestly, if you had told me that it came from Banana Republic I would have believed it. What held me back was the fact that I didn't exactly see myself wearing a floaty floral dress with fall/winter approaching. Although now that I see it styled here with booties and tights, I may have to rethink that...

Product Image Printed Watercolor Dress - Multicolor

Again, an item that is just past the summer season, unfortunately. In person, this dress is stunning. It's a heavy, nubby linen, with a braided waistband detail. If you see this on clearance I'd definitely snap it up!
Product Image Merona® Collection Sleeveless Braided Belt Dress - Polar Bear

They did not have this in the Target store, but I fell in love when I saw it online. Reminds me a lot of a Milly or Tibi dress.
Product Image Merona® Print Boatneck Dress - Multicolor

How gorgeous is this simple party dress? These come in zillions of colors online- I think this is Target's idea of a dress you could use for bridesmaids, which I would certainly second. I love the classic, Oscar de la Renta silhouette and belted waist.
Product Image Merona® Collection Taffeta Party Dress - Fandango
Taffeta Party Dress (on sale in brown for $13.99!)

I have a top from J Crew that is exactly this same style- this one is a fraction of the price. Do you like the print?

Product Image Merona® Collection Printed Cowl Neck Top - Multicolor
This top doesn't look super-exciting, but this is one of those great basics that comes in a few colors that you could wear with anything. It's dressy enough to wear with wool pants and a nice necklace to work, or casual enough to wear with jeans. Everyone needs go-to shirts like this that aren't necessarily "statement" tops but that help complete an outfit.

Product Image Merona® Collection Pleated Top - Orange Blaze

I may or may not have walked away with this giraffe tunic (on clearance for $13!). It looks much better in person than the way it's styled in this picture. I got a very Kate Spade vibe from the print. I look forward to wearing it with my Milly black wool cigarette pants and high heels, and some gold layered necklaces to spice it up.

Product Image Merona® Collection Printed Tunic - Multicolor
Giraffe Printed Tunic

This top was lovely- it's a gorgeous purple tweed. Very fitted, very retro- and there's a matching tweed skirt.

Product Image Merona® Collection Tweed Shell - Purple

Every girl needs an animal print cardigan in her closet!

Product Image Merona® Collection Printed Cardigan - Zebra

Loved this cheery green tweed pencil skirt.

Product Image Tweed Pencil Skirt - Green

I also love the gathers on the front of this bow skirt- these pictures don't really do these pieces justice.

Product Image Merona® Collection Trouser Bow Skirt - Ebony

Yes, Merona Collection even makes shoes! Horray! I was drooling over these flats that come in several colors. In person, they look very expensive and not the least bit plastic-y. These are just that perfect shade of camel, aren't they? The gold buckle and the gold accent on the heel reminded me of a cross between, say, Roger Vivier and Tory Burch.

Product Image Women's Merona® Collection Rayna Buckle Flats - Camel

These leopard beauties are equally fabulous- and made out of genuine calf hair!

Product Image Women's Merona® Collection Rosaline Point-Toe Flats - Leopard

I also loved these dresses that totally screamed "Missoni" to me. It's hard to tell from the picture, but they are made of lightweight cotton with zig zags and stripes. I'd love to wear this layered with leggings.

Product Image Juniors' Mossimo Supply Co. Spacedye Short Sleeve Sweater Dress - Grey
Product Image Juniors' Mossimo Supply Co. Spacedye Short Sleeve Sweater Dress - Berry

Do you have any favorite finds at Target you're dying to share? Let us know! And check out Merona Collection and let us know what you think.


Southern Aspirations said...

Love the JCrew-like top and the Orange top, especially!

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

Target is the best for trendy items you know will be out of style in a year or two. Why pay when you can go Tar-jay!

georgienyc said...

i'm loving the rayna buckle flats... great finds!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the Rayna flats! And Target is the worst about using not-so-cute pics online, when something is super cute in real life. Everything you posted looks cute, but I bet it is even cuter in person!

Paloma {La Dolce Vita} said...

So many great finds! I love the watercolor dress.

Lindsey Conrad - Nabors said...

Target does have some great things right now!! My Mom has been there 2 times in 2 weeks and purchased a lot of great clothing items. She got the Zebra Cardigan and it is ADORABLE!!!

Great items at great prices, what could be better!?!

Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

Fun and affordable! All your one stop shopping at Tar-jay! Great post!

central bark designs said...

Great finds - I ordered the flats (both pairs) as soon as I was done reading your blog!

I forget about Target since there is not one near me - but after seeing these great items - I may have to hop on a subway and head to Brooklyn! (The closest Target)

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