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Friday, October 2, 2009

Fur Throw Friday

A couple of years ago, as my mom and I were discussing the highlights of the post-holiday sales going on at the mall, my she casually mentioned that Pottery Barn was having a great sale on faux fur throw blankets. To which I replied "oh" and moved on with the conversation, all the while thinking to myself "Did my mom just suggest I get a faux fur throw? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!!!"

To me, fur throw blankets conjured up images of, say, Candy Spelling nestled on a velvet sofa in "The Manor," eating bon bons and calling the staff on the intercom to remind her how to get to the gift wrapping room. A sort of 80's, cheesy excess that I wanted no part of. Of course, it's fair to say that having grown up in Florida, I had basically zero experience with wearing fur or decorating with it.

Fast forward a few years and, unsurprisingly, but I think mom was right after all. I seem to have grown out of my fur throw phobia just as I outgrew my tomato-hating phase when I was a kid. Sure, we've all seen some particularly heinous faux fur throws that look like they were made out of the hides of stuffed animals won at a fair. But fur throws, and even faux ones, can be totally amazing when you choose the right throw and use it in the right context.

The photo evidence:

If this were my fur-draped daybed, I don't think I'd ever get up. Methinks this fur is not faux.

Elle Decor

We featured Aerin Lauder's library in a post a few months ago, and this is a great example of unexpected glamor. An I am still jonesing for that coffee table!

Elle Decor

I believe this is also an Aerin Lauder room, from a House & Garden feature. Interesting because when this same room was featured in Elle Decor earlier this year, it was sans fur blanket. But we'd spot those Leontine Linens anywhere!

House and Garden

I think this fur throw below is probably faux, but it could go either way. Much like cowhides soften up a dark room with lots of angles, fur throws have the same effect.

Photo Via Varnish Designs

This photo below really threw me for a loop. You've got gauzy mosquito netting, white paneled walls, a seagrass bed frame, a seagrass chair, and....a fur blanket on the bed? This is definitely out of the box thinking. What do you think- does it work or is it too incongruous?

Via Ann Sage

Hmmm....maybe the photo above was not so out there- here's the Hamptons home of James and Whitney Fairchild that has sort of the same effect- lots of colonial-inspired bamboo pieces (perhaps too many in one room, and this is coming from someone who loves antique bamboo) and then a fur throw on the bed! This makes a little more sense to me, though, because the room is not as casual as the one above.

House and Garden via Style Chronicle

Just a touch of fur here- nothing over the top.

House and Home

I could just look at this room all day long- it's really breathtaking. I love the inky blue wall color, and despite the fact it's very dark the room does not appear cave-like at all. The artwork really lightens things up, as does the amazing chandelier. Note to self- chandeliers above the bed are quite striking. We are also digging the zig zag rug, the pink velvet tufted headboard (never thought we'd be saying that!), the chrome bench, the green bedside tables, and, of course, the fur throw! Well played, Ann Coyle!

Photo via Apartment Therapy

Fur + Chrome = Very Chic

Image via Decorpad

So now, the slightly more complicated part- finding the right fur throw. This Adrienne Landau number is nice:

...but we are not exactly out to spend four digits (or even three digits) on a fur throw. Which makes it a little tricker, because in the world of reasonably priced faux fur throws, to paraphrase Longfellow, when it is good it is very very good, and when it is bad it is horrid!

The Good

We are feeling some love for World Market these days, and were stopped dead in our tracks when we spied this very real, very plush chocolate faux fur throw the other day for $50. The color is fantastic, and it looks surprisingly real. They also have nice faux fur pillows for about $25 (but we'd go for one or the other!)

Chocolate Faux Fur Throw - Cost Plus World Market

West Elm has also put forth some very respectable faux options. The persian lamb (middle) is something you don't see very often, but if we had to choose we'd probably go for the gray lynx (top)

Faux-Fur Throw

The Mixed Bag

We need to see these Pottery Barn Faux Fur Throws in person to more fully evaluate- the top three look pretty decent, but the leopard throw at the bottom is a definite "don't." Don't get us wrong- the MoS girls are loopy for leopard when it comes to accessories, shoes, and clothing, but leopard print looks a lot better a silk skirt, or calfhair shoes than on a polyester throw blanket. There is just no way to make that look sophisticated.

Faux-Fur Throw, Espresso

Take a Pass

Is it just us, or does this throw from K Mart resemble a terrycloth towel more than a fur throw? We love bargain shopping but will take a pass on this guy.

If you're going to go faux, be it with a knock off hand bag or with a fur blanket, it's important to still choose something that is not totally out of the realm of possibility to obtain, right? Hence faux mink, rabbit, or chinchilla throws make sense because those are readily available furs on the market and what most real fur blankets are made of. However, would you really ever expect someone to buy into the belief that you have a genuine tiger blanket? I mean, c'mon. Unless you regularly deal in black market animal parts, let's hope not.

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So what do you think of fur throws- be they real or faux- can you see yourself hunkering down with one as the air grows a little chillier? Or do you get the Candy Spelling vibe? We'd love to hear from you...


Southern Aspirations said...

Faux- absolutely! I think it helps to soften spaces and add some different textures. And honestly, quite lovely on a chilly evening.

Real- definitely not.

I have pretty strong opinions on fur. :-)

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

I laughed so hard at your Candy Spelling reference! In the right room they might work. I'm not sure I'm a faux throw girl myself.

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

They really do add a little something to a room. Hope you have a great weekend.

Julie said...

I received a Pottery Barn faux fur throw as a gift last year and I love it! It looks great on a bed (I haven't tried it on a sofa). I highly recommend getting one to soften up a room.

Parisienne Farmhouse Chic said...

I have passed up, however so lovingly stroked a couple of extremely silky soft faux fur throws at TJ Maxx the past several weekends.. I think I may just have to go get one this weekend.. hopefully still there @ 19.99 .. oooh was I thinking.. I think I need to run.. :)

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