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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tell Me About It, Stud

There are plenty of trends that continually cycle in and out in the fashion world (things like one-shoulder dresses, lace, floral prints, and highlighter-esque colors are all things that you'll invariably see in Vogue every couple of years). Another such trend, in my opinion, is studs. And with respect to this fall, studs are very, very in.
However, when it comes to studded bracelets, purses, belts, shoes, and even clothing, there's a thin line between Hermes and Hot Topic. You've got to pick the right studded accessories, and style them in the right way, to avoid looking like a candidate for a goth cruise, or like a girl who drank a little too much Boone's Farm while wielding her bedazzler.
Below are some of our favorite stud accessories for fall...and a few of our not-so-favorites for good measure!
Studded Cuffs
We love love love Tory Burch's studded accessory collection. Take this bracelet for example- we are loving the gold studs (IMHO they look much more respectable than silver studs) and the tough-luxe vibe. We would love to see an edgy stud bracelet paired with something unexpected- like a flowy cocktail dress.

Studded Cuff, Tory Burch
Another great bracelet option at a fraction of the price. The combination of square and round studs ads great visual contrast.
Leather Studded Cuff Bracelet
We couldn't talk stud bracelets without mentioning the creme de le creme from Hermes. If you're lucky enough to own one of these beauties, there will be NO mistaking you for a Hot Topic shopper!

We also love the twist on a traditional resin bracelet with this wide ABS number:
ABS by Allen Schwartz 80's Rock Studded Wide Resin Bangle
ABS by Allan Schwartz 80's Rock Studded Wide Resin Bangle
Studded Handbags
Of course, studs aren't just for bracelets- we are seeing so many stud purses and clutches out there this fall. As with the bracelets, we see Tory Burch leading the pack in the handbag realm as well:

We are really digging Marc Jacob's studded twist on his legendary quilted bags:

We think this wallet is chic enough to carry as a purse:

Studded Suki Wallet, Tory Burch
Honestly, a purse like the Be&D one below will never go out of style. Studs don't have to be "in" for this purse to be fabulous. Bonus points for the chain strap!
Be&D <span class=
Studded Shoes
Shoes are another way to incorporate some edgy studs into your wardrobe. Our very favorite are these Christian Louboutin beauties below. They are definitely pricey, but the contrast of the studs/zippers with the traditional, dainty ballet flat shape is pure genius.

Christian Loubouitan Studded Zipper Ballet Flats
And of course, we think studded shoes can be perfectly acceptable for the workplace so long as you pick the right pair, like these Chloe ones...
See by Chloe Studded Leather Pumps
See by Chloe Studded Leather Pumps
Or these Mossimo pumps would also add a little zip to your work wardrobe for a fraction of the price.

Stud Don'ts
OK, we promised you a few "don'ts" just to clarify what we mean by good stud v. bad stud, so pay attention:
Studs and Denim

Can you BELIEVE they actually sell these light denim studded cutoffs at SAKS??? Granted they are on clearance, so I think we're not the only ones who were offended. Our reference to the Boone's farm and bedazzler at the beginning of the post applies specifically to this denim nightmare.

Shoes that should not be studded
We praised the Christian Louboutin studded ballet flats pictured above, but these studded slippers miss the mark. They are entirely too masculine. Doesn't the shape remind you of Stubbs & Wootton slippers? This slipper shape is great when needlepointed or made in velvet, but the studs on it just miss the mark.
Christian <span class=
Christian Louboutin Rollerball Loafers
Repeat after us: studded + slouch = 80's overload. We recognize the 80's are sort of back in, but as a rule of thumb your shoes and accessories should have only one 80's throwback. If you want slouchy boots, skip ones with studs, or if you want studded boots, skip ones with get the picture.
Pour La <span class=
Pour la Victoire Malena Studded Booties
Round Studs

We think that as a general rule, round studs don't give the luxe vibe that square, pointed studs do. Especially round, silver studs. These bracelets just sort of border on what you'd see a suburban hipster wearing at the mall (if hipsters even wear studs; we are still a little confounded by that term). Chose your studded accessories wisely and with an eye for luxury!
Aqua 4 Row Smooth Studded Bracelet, 1.5"W
What do you think- do you see studs in your fall wardrobe? Have you picked up any studded pieces yet? We think that we might have to look for a little studded something this weekend!


Anonymous said...

I agree...I really only love studs if it's Hermes...or maybe some TB and those CL flats. Y'all are hilarious. lol at the girl who drank a little too much Boone's Farm while wielding her bedazzler! Those shorts are ridic!!

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of wearing a studded cuff with something unexpected like a tweed skirt and cardigan, to "toughen" up the look. Great post!

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

amazing post. I am obsessed with studs and would love to have that TB cuff!

Live Creating Yourself said...

Wow - I love the Tory Burch bag and wallet. It's amazing how designers can either be so right on or completely miss the mark with a similar concept. Tory always does things right.

Jaime said...

Love the Tory wallet and Loub flats- those are gorgeous pieces. Studs are a fun trend, when worn right.

georgienyc said...

love the stud issue - it certainly is a recurring issue! we tackled the same subject here!.aspx

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