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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mad about Gadabout!

As bloggers and avid blog readers, every day we see a LOT of fantastic merchandise online- furniture, accessories, paper, clothes, you name it. However, lest we end up like the Collyer brothers or find ourselves completely bankrupt, we tend to admire most of these fabulous items from afar, and our purchases are made with the utmost discussion and deliberation. Thus, it's not often that we see an item that we literally consider a "must-have", and even less often that we order said item with nary a moment of hesitation.

But that's just what happened last week when we saw a picture on this Summer is a Verb post of a thank you note written on the most amazing zebra stationery. In about ten seconds flat I was typing a comment inquiring as to the source of the cards. Shortly thereafter, blogger Alice put me in touch with Hanna Brooks Nation at Gadabout Paper, and I immediately placed my own zebra order!

The card that started it all- A Horse of a Different Color

Hanna sells stationery that is a perfect marriage of exquisite illustration and impeccable taste. We couldn't believe it when we learned that Hanna is 22 years old and draws all of the graphics herself. We love to see creative and talented people turning their passions into a business pursuit.

All of Hanna's cards are printed on 5x7, 100lb stock and the enveloped are lined in black. And we were equally impressed with her prices- $45 for 25 cards (including a monogram). Considering we get sticker shock seeing the $9 birthday cards at Papyrus and other high end paper stores, $1.80 per card looks pretty good!

It took a lot of resolution to stick to my guns and order the zebra, because when I saw the other designs offered by Gadabout I was simply floored. Every single one of them is not only beautifully and meticulously illustrated, but cleverly named and monogrammed as well. Here are a few MoS favorites, but we suggest you mosey on over to Gadabout Paper to see the full lineup for yourself!

We'd love this chinoiserie piece in our apartment...but in the meantime will happily settle for the paper version.


We love the retro safari vibe we get from this cheetah card.


We can't resist anything with gators and this guy is no exception.


For the shell fanatic or beach girl, the Seba card, inspired by Albertus Seba's "Cabinet of Curiosities."


We love love love how the monogram on this card is incorporated into a monogrammed necklace in the design- how clever!

The Jewelry He Gives You

Of course we can never resist a good Chinese chippendale chair and again, we are wowed by the placement of the monogram in the frame.

Sitting Pretty

For the classic, chic girl- we would not mind having those shoes in real life!

There's no place like home

The vintage vibe of this faux bois design is amazing- we have never seen faux bois on stationery. The monogram goes in the knot of the wood!

Faux Bois

We are strangely fascinated by old prints of creepy crawlies and think these beetles are just so unique! Bugs have never looked better...


Anyone who loves Moroccan style will appreciate the exotic, detailed motif of this card.


The design on the Mahendi is inspired by India, but it also reminds us of a fabulous vintage broach.


Again, we love the way Hanna sneaks the monogram into this design subtly. What a fantastic vignette of items you'd find on a vanity.


We find it's difficult buying stationery for men other than plain monogrammed stuff- masculine motifs such as fish and ducks often come across as too juvenile. However, now that we have found Gadabout's notecards we may just have to reconsider.

How about the swiss army knife for your favorite handyman or adventurer?

Always be prepared

At any given time there is a 99% chance that either my husband, my father, or my brother is wearing boat shoes, so we love this subtle nod to days that call for relaxed footwear.


Again, we have seen so many fishing-themed cards for men and passed them by, but Hanna's is much more reserved. Notice the placement of a monogram inside the graphic.

Hook, Line and Sinker

Of course if you're looking for enclosures for Christmas gifts Hanna's got you covered too (Christmas gift cards (3x5) are $70 for 60 cards).

Ornament Series

Carolus Series

I cannot wait for my zebra stationery to arrive, and in the meantime am already deliberating what design I'll  order next. Hanna also does custom work for very reasonable prices, so if you have a particular event coming up that needs a special design, or your drawing skills are not quite up to par with your imagination, shoot her an email and she can take care of you. We'd love to see what she comes up with for brides-to-be or moms-to-be.

Which Gadabout design is your favorite?


Summer is a Verb said...

I'm partial to the black and white ballet flats. I had a pair of J. Crews exactly like them! And, to think she does this all from a dorm room...XXOO

goheels83 said...

I need those flats...STAT! I love the zebra and the alligator cards. I love the unique placement of monograms - sets this stationery apart from any I have ever seen. I love it.

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

So cute...I love the black on white images!

inthetweeds said...

I LOVE these cards! So cute! I may just have to snag my own... I love the zebra print you picked out, but also love her Au Revoir and Creole designs. Great find!

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

OMG! I am obsessed with "A Horse of a Different Color" with the monogram on his back! Those are just so much fun and I would love to write to people with those cards! Thanks for the introduction!

Lauren said...

Obsessed! These are all will I ever choose??

Children of the 90s said...

I love these, especially the one with the necklaces. These are so cute!

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