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Friday, September 4, 2009

Easy Nursery Art!

I've been thinking about what to put on the walls of the MoS baby's nursery, and it hasn't been an easy decision! I can flip through catalogs and see alot of what I don't like, but finding something I DO like is a different story.
Over this past weekend, I was showing my extremely talented architect/ history buff brother-in-law some old childrens' books that belonged to my grandmother when she was a little girl. The cover is torn, the pages are crumbling, so I asked his advice about restoring it. He is very knowledgeable about this and basically said that while these books have sentimental value, they likely don't have enough intrinisic value to justify what it would cost to preserve them. So he suggested framing a few pages.
Brilliant idea! I went to a frame shop and was a bit astonished at what it could cost. So I then headed to Michael's to see what I could turn into a DIY project. These framed pages will be great for a nursery, but they probably aren't something I am going to have hanging in my house forever and ever, so I didn't want to spend several hundred dollars on each print.
Here is the Mother Goose nursery rhyme book from my grandmother. You can see it's not in the best condition, but it is special. I wish it was dated, but it is not. I decided that I wanted to frame two of the prints (Peter Piper and Jack and Jill), so I found these frames at Michael's for $34 each. But I had 50% off coupons, so I was able to get them for $17 each.
I decided against hiding the crumbling edges of the pages behind a mat, so instead, I decided to just mount them to craft paper. I found a green for $2.50 that works well with the colors in the nursery.
First step was to cut the craft paper to serve as the backing for the pages.
Next, I applied double sided tape to the pages. I know I can now never hit the jackpot at Antiques Roadshow with this book, but honestly, the book was just sitting there on the shelf. At least this way I can really enjoy it (and hopefully the baby will too).
I affixed the pages to the craft paper.
Then I put them in the frame! Easy!
Here is the complete pair!
On the walls of the nursery!
The finished product! Hung over the wicker chest of drawers-turned-changing table (I still need to get the changing pad, so the picture height should be right once I add about 4 inches to the top of the dresser with the changing pad!). The drawer pulls are these little turtle knobs from Anthro! More nursery pictures to come, as I get everything ready!


Anonymous said...

Love love love this! I think it was an especially great idea to not cover the aged borders of the pages with a mat- it definitely ads character to see how well loved the pages are. And of course this is heads and shoulders above all that generic nursery art. I bet your grandmother is so thrilled to see you made use of her book!

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful! I love the pretty blue walls, too. Great work!

Lalla said...

These are so cute!!! I love the idea for your nursery!

LindsB said...

What a cute idea, I LOVE how they turned out!

Alaina Kaczmarski (Live Creating Yourself) said...

absolutely beautiful

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