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Friday, August 14, 2009

Mad Men Redux

Not since the series finale of Seinfeld have we so anxiously anticipated a television event like we are the Mad Men Series 3 premiere this Sunday. And while the final episode of Seinfeld turned out to be a real dud, we have much higher expectations when it comes to the shenanigans of Don, Betty, Joan and the rest of the gang. We posted here earlier in the year about Mad Men-inspired fashion, and today we're focusing more on interiors and 60's home design style. Read on for a mish mash of Mad Men!

We've noticed while watching Mad Men that while Don and Betty's home is definitely more "traditional" and a holdover from a lot of 50's styles, the apartment of Pete Campbell and his (spoiled) wife Trudy definitely reflects the more modern tendancies of the time.

image courtesy The Giraffe

Their three-panel stylized giraffe artwork reminds me of something you'd buy at West Elm, doesn't it?

PRINT ME: The Campbell Triptych by Dyna Moe.

Dyna Moe has created a reprintable reproduction of the Campbells' giraffe artwork for true Mad Men enthusiasts.

Can't you see this ceramic elephant as something that would fit in with the Campbells' jungle vibe?

Ceramic Elephant, West Elm

Or, we could see these West Elm baskets that Nick Olsen flagged the other day also complimenting the style.

One of the things we absolutely LOVE about Pete and Trudy's apartment is the geometric screen. This almost says "Palm Springs style" to us rather than the UES, don't you think?

image courtesy Material Mixes

Reminds us very much of stuff Jonathan Adler is doing these days, namely:

Desmond Screen and Radcliff Edagere by Jonathan Adler

We found the episode where Pete has to go exchange the chip 'n dip to be rather hilarious. While we'd certainly seen combined chip/dip bowls before, we'd never actually heard the phrase "chip 'n dip." Had you? Below, behold the infamous chip 'n dip:

The Chip and Dip
Image courtesy moot point

We're ok with leaving the 60's behind on this one and going for a more modern chip 'n dip, like these from The Main Lion. Aren't they fab? It's like functional artwork!

The Mane Lion

Chip 'n dips by The Mane Lion via Gifts that Give

The Jimmy Barrett character from Season 2 definitely made us cringe; he was funny at times, but for the most part totally grating. Take a look at the bar setup behind him in this commercial.

Doesn't that remind you of of these geometric bookshelves that are popping up at Target, West Elm, et al?

Product Image
Above and below: Exotic Retreat Bookcase/Room Divider, Target. We like it used in the bathroom as a towel holder.
Product Image
Finally, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention House Beautiful's great Mad Men feature right now- they have dusted off some of their 60's photos for an authentic taste of the decade. Below, some highlights from their kitchen slideshow.

We have to say, this kitchen from October 1961 is a lot more modern than we expected. Yes we see a formica table at the end of the island, but the stainless steel counters throughout the kitchen look pretty darn current, and we love the shape of the glass in the cabinets.

There are a few items that date this kitchen, but you've got to admit those drawers are totally back in style now! If this kitchen were de-cluttered and the pegboard was removed (must have been a Julia Child influence), then we could totally expect to see a kitchen like this in Metropolitan Home.

Yes! Finally a kitchen we can have a little fun with. Can you imagine drinking your coffee (or diet coke) in the morning with that wallpaper staring at you? Not a tranquil way to start the day. And the matching orange and avocado green dinnerware and napkins? Priceless.

From March 1966, and the colors show it! Much like we look at colors such as avocado green, rusty yellow, and bright orange as being products of the 60's and 70's, what colors these days do you think are going to end up looking like signatures of the 90's and 00's? We think celadon green is way up there on the list, and those rusty reds Pottery Barn has favored so much.

Finally, we have discovered our true dream job- being the set decorator for Mad Men! How amazing would it be to scour vintage stores and put together those fab 60's interiors? Amy Wells, are you looking for two lovely assistants?
An ornate mirror poses more of a challenge. It would fit into many Mediterranean-style California homes, Wells said, though it might be more dramatic in a smaller space, such as a powder room or dressing area. “Actually, for 79 bucks it has a really good looking finish,” she said. “You could hang it in a modern setting -- like near a streamlined sofa -- as a counterpoint to make the room more intriguing.”

Check out this fun article from the LA Times as Amy Wells goes shopping in Homegoods and reveals her favorite picks.

Enjoy the season premiere of Mad Men this Sunday!


The Consummate Hostess said...

Absolutely love this post and of course, I am addicted to Man Men! Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Totally in love with The Mane Lion chip n'dippers! Sure not run of the mill. Would make a great gift, but who could part with it. Fab usual.

Taylor Elise said...

It's tonight! Can't wait!!!

kleyr said...

This Men-inspired fashion, and today we're focusing more on interiors and 60's home design style. Will this be good to have this area rugs at naturalarearugs for some styles added to it?

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

I'm a huge Mad Men fan. So glad you posted the giraffe images from Pete's apartment. His only redeeming quality is that his apartment is decorated so well! I don't think that it would be difficult to recreate the giraffe artwork because it's just geometric shapes used to form the piece. I may have to try this.

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