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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Let there be Leontine

The MoS girls can never resist a lovely monogram, but one thing we've come to realize lately is that there are monograms and then there are MONOGRAMS. We've recently spotted some eye-catching monogrammed bedding in our favorite magazines that makes what you see in Horchow look practically snoozeville. After you've checked out the bedding and monogrammed items offered by Leontine Linens, it's hard to get excited about anything else!
We also love the story behind the company. Founder Jane Scott Hodges was disappointed by the lack of custom fine linens when she was shopping for monogrammed linens in anticipation of her upcoming wedding. When returning home to her native Kentucky, she found a small company of talented female artisans that had been making fine linens since the 1920's. She started selling some of their items to clients in New Orleans. But when the company almost went out of business, Jane stepped in and took it over. We love hearing stories like this in which people follow their passions!

We could blog for days on end about all of the amazing linens Leontine Linens offers, but here are a few highlights.
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Aerin Lauder's bedroom (House and Garden via Leontine Linens).
17_interior-design-styles-ED0709-LAUDER24-19.<span class=
Aerin Lauder's son's room. Lucky boy! (via Elle Decor)
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Not just bedding- Leontine partners with several designers for truly one of a kind decor pieces. Brenda Kelly Kramer Interiors (image via Leontine Linens).
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More from Brenda Kelly Kramer.

Above and below, Miles Redd's bedroom features a Leontine Linens sham (photo via New York Social Diary). We love how the company offers monograms that run the gamut from ornate/feminine to simple/masculine. There's something to please everyone!

0809_<span class=
More masculine shams in Lee Joffa Creative Director Stephen Elrod's Manhattan apartment (Traditional Home via Lenotine Linens)
web0908_<span class=
These lovely shams in an uptown home in New Orleans have the delicate look of vintage linens (New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles via Leontine Linens).
web0509_Trad_Home_skull.<span class=
Proving they really can do anything, Hodges worked with Phillip Gorivan to design a whimsical skull and crossbones motif for a Hamptons Showhouse (Traditional Home via Leontine Linens)

Amazing bath mat & towels- we love how the Asian-inspired red monogram plays off of the blue and white porcelain (image via Habitually Chic).
There are dozens of styles of monograms and appliques to choose from (view the entire selection here, the variety is truly breathtaking), but here are our favorites (Santa, can you hear us?):

Monograms (left to right): Alexander, Dorea, Sebastian, Lee

Appliques (left to right): Abigail, Maxwell, Camille, Christopher
2009<span class=
We can't get enough of the sunny colors and bold monograms from the Rayford Collection ($80-565).
2009Fretwork9Hi.<span class=
We love the classical lines of the Fretwork Collection ($150-925)
2008<span class=
How fantastic are these Blaise Towels? $75-210
2008<span class=
The throw of all throws: Penelope Throw ($1,200-$1,610)
2009<span class=
We love this handy Jewel Round ($135). These types of items make great bridesmaids gifts!
2008<span class=
The colors in this Tie Bib ($50) are superb. What a fabulous baby gift this would make!
The Leontine flagship store is in New Orleans, and they also have an Atlanta showroom. I don't know about you, but I know where I'm headed next time I find myself in the Big Easy!


Anonymous said...

FABULOUS post! I want it all!! And you are right- Horchow's "free monogramming on Ralph Lauren towels" (ha) seems pretty punky compared to this!

maryanne said...

Leontine is my favorite...I received a robe and cosmetic bag for Christmas last year with the Applique style mono and LOVE them! The blog is wonderful, Matters of Style girls!

Dickie said...

As a New Orleans Native I remember all the girlies running around school with their make-up bags and jewelry rounds as clutches.

Now I'd covet to turn in my PB duvet and shams for a LL version.

Straight HOT.

The Consummate Hostess said...

I love her work- it is so timeless while still being fresh and innovative. Great post!

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

I love Leontine Linens! We did a post on them earlier this year and were able to go visit their showroom in New Orleans, (my daughter goes to Tulane). Everything about them is beautiful and the monogramming is so well done. I love how you can get everything custom made, exactly the way you want!

Thanks for sharing these pictures! There were a lot I hadn't seen!

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