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Monday, August 24, 2009

Are You Ready to Rugged?

It dawned on both of the MoS girls last week that in our few months of blogging we have yet to mention one of the stores we LOVE to hit up- Rugged Wearhouse (or "Rugged" as we so affectionately call it). Rugged stores are inevitably located in a less than posh strip malls in not-so-swank parts of town, sometimes you have to wait 15 minutes in line to check out, and we always leave the store feeling like we need a shower, yet one thing keeps drawing us back time and again to Rugged-- the unparalleled deals.
Ruggeds can only be found in the southeast; you'll find them in cities large and small in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.
Rugged <span class=
Have you ever fantasized about walking into J Crew and being able to be able to buy as much as you want because price is no object? Well that's how it is every day at Rugged since their prices are so ridiculous. No matter how casual or dressy the item, Rugged charges a flat $14.99 for J Crew shoes, $9.99 for tops, $39.99 for dresses, and $4.99 for tanks. They also have some fantastic deals on Juicy Couture- though we skip the track suits, their cuter and classier dresses, jackets, and tops can often be found at Rugged, again for ridic prices.
If you're going to venture to Rugged for the first time, you'd better get used to hand written signs for HOT fashions! You'd also better get used to shopping amongst some random brands- the J Crew and Juicy racks are like an island surrounded by a sea of Phat Farm, Apple Bottoms, Delias, Urban Outfitters, etc. On a recent trip there was even a Fredericks of Hollywood rack, which we took great care not to get within 10 feet of!
Rugged is a hit or miss place. Sometimes we'll go in and wonder why we even bother; other times we'll thank our lucky stars for the place. It just depends on the day and on the store. Some highlights of our recent finds:
J.Crew Tortoise ballet flats Image
Tortoise Ballet Flats- $79.99 @ J Crew, but $14.99 @ Rugged!
Critter wellies
J Crew critter wellies, normally $50, but $14.99 at Rugged!
Juicy Trench w/ Ruffle Hem, $358 at Shop Rapunzels , but $39.99 @ Rugged!
J.Crew Cotton interlock Kristy dress
J Crew knit Kristy Dress, $29.99!
Fantastic Juicy eyelet top, $29.99
J Brand Jeans, a jaw-dropping $9.99 on clearance!
If you live in a town with a Rugged, go check it out! If you don't like to bargain hunt and your idea of slumming is going into TJ Maxx, then Rugged might not be for you. But for those with a slightly more adventurous spirit, it will become an oft-visited destination!


Nina said...

I LOVE that trench! I got a sort of similar black Juicy jacket with great enamel buttons at RW last month for the same price. 9 out of 10 times my trips to that store are a waste of time, but when you hit the jackpot there it is so worth it! Sadly they just closed one store in my area.

goheels83 said...

Lol I love this post. I have found some awesome stuff at Rugged! Havianas for $3, JCrew bathing suits for $5 and good workout basics for around $3 per piece!

The Consummate Hostess said...

I am a big rugged fan as well! It never ceases to amaze me!

Eclectic said...

ha! Not a post I would expect to comment on (being non-design related) but I just had to....a friend turned me onto Rugged years ago and I have to admit that I have scored some great deals! I loved your descriptions "need a shower after" true. I have also loved something from the front only to turn it around and find a cannonball sized hole in the back. Really?

bluehydrangea said...

I've never even heard of this store but those ballet flats are awesome!!

Semigloss Chic said...

Seriously, where has this been all my life! How did I not know about this. I would drive across state lines for $14.99 JCrew.

Anonymous said...

rugged sux.

LindsB said...

ahh, why dont they have one up north- that place looks amazing!!

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