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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thank you for being a friend!

Does the workweek following a long holiday weekend always seem to go especially sloooow? To lift us out of a case of the I-can't-believe-it's-not-Friday-yet's we need a little fluff....a little mindless entertainment...something you might see on the Hallmark channel between 11pm and 2am...what you only watch when no one else is in the room...that's right, the Golden Girls! Long before "GG" came to mean Gossip Girl, the Golden Girls were the original GG's.
We're not here to just wax nostalgic about 80's TV classics, but rather to point out even a show about four Miami retirees can prove to be an unlikely source of style inspiration. While the first things that probably come to mind when thinking of the GG's are probably "80's Miami," "saucy man-hungry retirees" and "I can't believe Dorothy wore those weird bow tie outfits," let's take a closer look at how the GG's were actually right on the money when it came to a few things....
First, the kitchen:

I nearly feel out of MY chair when I noticed the Golden Girls' chairs. Paging Jonathan Adler! Try not to let that tablecloth blind you, though.

Jonathan Adler Chippendale Chair

Do we think Aerin Lauder was inspired by the GG's bamboo chairs? Perhaps she sits at the kitchen table late at night eating cheesecake too!
Moving man-crazy Blanche's boudoir.

Can you believe her MATCHING banana leaf wallpaper and bedspread? Over the top.

I was about to laugh this off as an 80's relic, when I seemed to recall a very similar wallpaper making an appearance in a recent issue of Elle Decor.

A-ha! Brian Atwood's Milan apartment, featured in a 2008 Elle Decor, is exactly what came to mind. Wisely, Atwood nixed the matching bedspread and gave this iconic wallpaper a masculine twist by pairing it with a sleek bronze desk.
<span class=
Atwood's designer (who also happens to be his partner, Nate Berkus- how's that for convenience?) claimed in the Elle Decor article that he was inspired by the iconic banana leaf wallpaper at the Beverly Hills Hotel, but who knows...maybe he was just a big fan of Ms. Devereaux!

Above: the Beverly Hills Hotel.
On to the living room. While we most always eschew "sets" of furniture like the GG's had (and don't even get us started on those round throw pillows), you have to admit, that classic rattan has staying power....

via Cottage Living
Maybe it's the fact that I grew up in South Florida, but I generally cannot resist rattan or bamboo furniture in any form. You can easily find plenty of vintage rattan furniture out there for a steal...reupholster the cushions in something a little more modern, and voila! You've got vintage furniture that still looks current and fresh.

The accent table between the two chairs looks like it was lifted from the GG's living room!

Rembmer this amazing foyer from a few weeks ago when we posted about sunburst mirrors? What got the most attention were those yellow stools- which we suspect are vintage rattan pieces that have been spray painted yellow! This would be a super-easy (and inexpensive) DIY project.

Celerie Kemble uses rattan quite frequently in the Florida homes she decorates, as seen above and below.

But don't worry...our love of GG style only goes so far. We would never advocate the staying power of Dorothy Zvornak's bow tie/cardigan/jacket/long skirt/velvet/Dalmatian print getup. But Blanche's sexy red sequins? Well, we're not making any promises.
Who is your favorite GG? And is it just us, or is Golden Girls oddly similar to Sex and the City...add 30 years to Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha, send them to Miami, and you'd have Golden Girls redux!
Tomorrow- we put our fancy pants back on and take a trip to Martha's Vineyard!


Ada-Marie said...

Ha! Love this post. My fave GG was Rose (Betty White). I thought her ditzy humor was divine!

Julie said...

What a clever post! I have to admit I was a little unsure of a GG style post - but you make it work! (And I still love the yellow stools).

Happiness Is... said...

This post is hilarious! How in the world did you make the connection on that banana leaf wallpaper?!?!?

goheels83 said...

Hahahaha this post is AWESOME. I love it.

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