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Monday, July 20, 2009

Smokin' Chic

We all know that smoking is no longer the expression of chic-ness that it once was. When we see pictures from the 1950's and 1960's, it is obvious that so many of the most elegant of women smoked, so of course if they were going to smoke, they were going to do so in style! Enter: fabulous sterling silver cigarette cases. All the stylish ladies who smoked stored their cigarettes in these gorgeous cases.
You may be thinking, "What would I do with a cigarette case?" MoS Washington had a brilliant idea (or rather, saw someone else with a brilliant idea last year and decided to follow suit). Coincidentally, cigarette cases just happen to be the exact same size as one thing that today's chic women do carry around- credit cards! A cigarette case fits about 5 or 6 cards comfortably, which is perfect when carrying a clutch or small bag. And the good news is that now eBay is chock full of them! There is a huge range in prices- but you can find sterling ones for anywhere between $50 and $3,000.
MoS Washington recently purchased her fabulous antique silver case from eBay for a song. It even has her own initials on it! It is the perfect size for holding an ID, credit cards, and some cash- all you need for evening when you don't want to lug around a big wallet. The cases are much flatter than we expected, so they really will fit into any bag. Her pretty card case even attracted the attention of someone at another table at dinner Saturday night!

Here are a few pretty cases we found on eBay. But go look for yourself! You might even find one with your own initials on it! And we can't think of a more stylish way to carry your cards!
Isn't this filigree pattern just stunning?!

We love the art deco style of this case!

If you love monograms, how pretty is this case? Even if it isn't your monogram, we think antique or vintage pieces with monograms are just so chic!
Do you have a brilliant use for an "out of date" item? We'd love to hear your ideas.


Anonymous said...

What a terrific idea!
eBay, here I come.
Thanks for ANOTHER great post!

georgienyc said...

great post ... another good one is i reuse all of my mother's otherwise old-lady looking scarves and tie them on my handbags - certainly not a revolutionary touch but it does wonders to a boring bag!

Dickie said...

Sterling Toast Holder: While It's been all over the web, using one to hold stationary is a great way to organize the envelopes, business cards and correspondence cards all neatly on your desk.

Paul Revere Bowls: Use these to hold my silk knots, ala Ralph Lauren stores

Decanters: Thanks to Michael Bastian, extra decanters are great place for mouth wash.

The Matters of Style Girls said...

Georgienyc- What a great use for scarves! We agree they look so stylish on a bag.

Dickie- Those are all teriffic ideas. Coincidentally, we were looking at silver toast racks on ebay this morning. And the decanter for mouthwash is so original, we may have to try that too!

The Consummate Hostess said...

Love the gold filigree one. Fabulous!

Ada-Marie said...

You could also use it to carry around business cards - great post!

Alicia said...

Smart & chic what could be better. While not out of date in the same Goddaughter found an old flask I had & decided it would be perfect one day for lemonade. When she pulled it out in Target & took a swig, the lady nearby almost had a heart attack!!! By the way Hailey was 5. I looked at her & she just said " What?? It is the right size for me."
Glad you liked the pinks. They just soften the day...

goheels83 said...

Alicia that is too funny! lol

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