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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Art in the Everyday

We have loved the CK Bradley line for years and years now (gosh, has it been that long?). Recently we came across a very intriguing post by Camilla Bradley on her blog about how she created a fabric pattern for her summer line from the design of an iron gate that she encountered one day in New York. We love the idea of finding inspiration in unexpected places, and when you think about it, architectural details such as gates, fences, molding, mosaics, and stonework are perfect ideas of the harmony that can exist between form and function.
While in Newport this weekend, I snapped a few pictures of inspiring architectural details that show that true decorative beauty often comes in unexpected places.

A detailed mosaic on the floor of the outside terrace at the Vanderbilt summer "cottage," The Breakers (more on my tour of the Breakers later this week!).

Left- a gate outside the Breakers. Right, an equally impressive gate outside the National Museum of American Illustration on Bellevue Avenue.

A closeup of a gate outside the Breakers. What a fabulous upholstery print that would make!

I am not normally a huge fan of the fleur de lis (does that make me the worst Kappa ever?), but I am re-thinking my stance after seeing these interpretations, especially the one on the left.

Further down on Bellevue Avenue near the International Tennis Hall of Fame, I snapped this unique decorative trim around the door of a business. I love the vivid glazed greens and blues.

And on the same building, this trim lining the bottom of the building. It's reminiscent of a Union Jack flag, no?

It was hard to capture the magnitude of this ceiling in a photograph, but this is just a detail from the painted ceiling on the porch of the Breakers.

A recycled photo of a red iron gate I loved in Buenos Aires.

Gate Pattern in Verona via Flickr
Iron gate and mosaic-inspired pieces don't have to be confined to floors and gardens! A few ideas for bringing the outdoors in:

Garden Gate fabric, P. Kaufmann

Serena and Lily Ruby Sunshine Mosaic Fabric

Iron Gate Rug, Williams Sonoma

Mosaic "rug" by Real Mosaic

And, of course, the CK Bradley Islesboro Dress dress in the trellis print that we found so inspiring to begin with!


Anonymous said...

Great post! You have helped remind us to look and study everyday objects like gates for design inspiration! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Truly great post! Your intriguing pictures today caused me to spend a bit more time "exploring".

KINHA said...

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Alicia said...

Inspiration is everywhere although my favorite CK Bradley piece is my ribbon key fob. Navy cocktail ribbon on pink grosgrain!!!!

ck bradley said...

Oh I LOVE THAT you got inspired! And that gate print you found is TO DIE FOR.....who knows, maybe I get my next print inspiration form one of your pics!

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