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Monday, June 29, 2009

Magazine Roundups: Elle Decor July/August 2009

Have you ever shelled out $5 or $6 for a design magazine and cozied up in your favorite chair, prepared to be inspired...only to flip through the pages and be thoroughly unimpressed? We definitely have, and it's the worst! To help you avoid the same fate, we're going to be reporting on our favorite design magazines intermittently to help you decide when to purchase...and when to pass.
Today's review: Elle Decor July/August 2009. Things we loved:
  • A "shortlist" feature with Miles Redd. We want to live in his mirrored bathroom!
  • The "etcetera" page at the end features a fabulous selection of garden stools
  • The features this month are very strong. Some highlights:
The main feature is Aerin Lauder's East Hampton home and her Manhattan apartment. Here are a few of our favorite pics:
Living room in the Manhattan apartment.

The library of the Manhattan apartment. Note the scroll detail on the coffee table. And that fur throw is awfully decadent!

Manhattan apartment dining room. We cannot quite feel this room. Maybe it's that we're not used to seeing tables that size with that it?

We do love the breakfast area though! Love those bamboo chairs and the cheery blue fabric. And a great way to display kids' artwork.

The dining room of the East Hampton home. Love that bold zebra carpet. Less sure about the rather precious display of blue and white urns on sconces.

More blue and white. I think these must be holdovers from Estee, since Aerin inherited the home from her legendary grandmother.

Can we just live in this pool house? It's so inviting.

More in East Hampton. Next we move on to Monelle Totah's San Francisco flat. Totah is the Vice President of Design for Williams Sonoma Home, and we are very inspired by what she's done with her flat. For anyone who thinks you have to have tons of color in your home for it to be exciting (and we admit, we're definitely guilty of that mindset), Totah's black/white/gray color scheme will definitely make you re-think things.

We normally don't love slipcovered couches, but hers lookes fresh and modern, not shabby-chic.

Rats...we wish we'd gotten a cowhide rug from Buenos Aires now!

Soothing gray.

We love the bold black and white rug, as well as the mirrored console.

Here are some pops of color in a sitting area....we definitely recognize the bamboo dresser, the pillows, and the throw from Williams Sonoma Home!

A soothing bedroom. We love the grouping of the artwork over the bed.
Finally, the last feature is Scott Currie's weekend beach house in Southampton. Currie does PR for Elie Tahari, but his warm, inviting, and stylish beach house is worlds away from the more modern and streamlined clothing he promotes.

The portrait is of a sea captain; there are plenty of nautical touches throughout the home.

A stylish office.

A conch shell pink bedroom.

What an amazing backyard!

We love the rope-inspired chairs in the pool house.
What we weren't crazy about:
  • Elle Decor goes to....Kansas City. Sure it was a great article and we're convinced that lo and behold, Kansas City is pretty stylish...but we're still not about to pack our bags just yet!
  • "Higher Ground," a spread about Malibu real estate broker Chris Cortazzo's spread in Malibu Hills. The house itself is fantastic- we love the exterior shots, the inviting pool with majestic hills in the background, and the fab kitchen. However, we could not quite get past the extensive amount of African-themed artwork throughout the house- black and whites of lions and giraffes in two rooms, large (and albeit, striking) full size photographs of African women in the living room, close-up photographs of African children with painted faces in the bedroom, etc. It was a bit of overkill to us. But the furnishings are fantastic.
The Verdict: Purchase! This will be one of your summer favorites that you'll flip through over and over again.

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