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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Importance of Orchids

There are rooms that make us say, "nice," and then there are rooms that make us saw "WOW!" Often there's a fine line dividing the two categories; a room can have impeccable furnishings, well-placed art, and lovely lighting, yet still lack that certain something that really sends it from great to sublime. We've found that one thing that can launch a room into the realm of the breathtaking is a spectacular orchid.
We've seen a lot of well-furnished homes- in person, in magazines, and online- and we are always captivated by how the presence of an orchid injects a sense of luxury into any setting; they are also perfect for adding height and drawing the eye up from a low table, or for adding some fullness to an otherwise minimalist room. Here are some of our favorites:

A lovely foyer comes to life with an orchid. Glen Gissler Design.

The mirrored cachepot lends glamour to an otherwise breezy room. Suzanne Kasler via Southern Accents.

An orchid softens up the modern lines of this airy room. Tom Stringer.

We would love a table full of orchids like this! House Beautiful.

Orchids flanking a mantle- perfect. The pink of the flowers is a perfect tie in to the the dark pink of the zebra chair and bedskirt, and the orchids draw the eye up to the artwork over the mantle. Meg Braff via House Beautiful.

White orchids complete the green and white theme of this classic Palm Beach home. How fab are those frog stools? Celerie Kemble.

This Boca Grande home gets our vote for the most unique use of orchids. Celerie Kemble.

Orchids add a touch of green to this brown, tan, and white hallway. Celerie Kemble.

We love how Kathy Abbot used orchids to achieve some height in this Kips Bay show house room; it's a nice contrast to the low coffee table.

An orchid in a clay pot is an unexpected twist in this modern room. Glen Gissler.

An orchid reflected in a mirror creates an illusion of fullness. This console table would be incomplete without it! Glen Gissler.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I am running out to buy a couple of orchids no matter the price! Thank you for giving us great ideas for adding height and color with orchids.

Alicia said...

My go to decor element for even the most frugal of budgets. I love giving them as gifts too!!!
Celeries hallway image with its orchidpalooza is what Im striving for. I've been on a two year search for the right vessel for my pedastal table in the entryway. Urn, tureen, Asian basket...its not easy.
What a wonderful collection of images. Gratitudes.

Artificial Grass said...

Anywhere you put it, orchids really looks fabulous! They are easy to design because of their uniqueness as a flower.

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