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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What makes a fabulous bathroom?

When it comes to decorating, we think nothing of spending hours selecting living room and bedroom decor. We'll shop around for weeks looking for that perfect new sofa, or a new rug to jazz up a room, or new bedding to freshen up the bedroom. But when it comes to the bathroom, the most we usually do is purchase new towels and call it a day! Part of the reason, of course, is that it's much cheaper to buy some new throw pillows, or even a new piece of furniture, than it is to customize a bathroom. But still, don't forget that by changing out basic fixtures--new towel bars, a new lighting fixture over the vanity, a sleek medicine cabinet, or even selecting a soothing shade for the walls, you can make huge improvements for a relatively modest investment.
We look at zillions of pictures of living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens, but today we're giving bathrooms their due time!

One of our favorites. Modern and streamlined, yet inviting. Elle Decor.

Love those stripes! And the copper tub! Elle Decor.

How striking is the mirrored mosaic tile panel? Elle Decor.

Our dream shower and tub. We'd never leave this bathroom! Metropolitan Home.

This is a great shade of blue/gray on the walls. Love the farmhouse/vessel sink. Elle Decor.

Candace Bushnell's powder room with her warhol-inspired book cover wallpaper cracks us up. Someone definitely loves herself! Elle Decor.
Finally, a bathroom with ample storage space in the vanity! The single sconces on either side of the mirror are a nice alternative to the wider 3 light fixtures we usually see. This Old House.
This bathroom is a soothing shade of gray and looks very fresh and inviting. The paneled walls are a fabulous touch. This Old House.

With this view, who cares what the bathroom looks like! This Old House.
We love the retro-inspired black and white tile, along with the built in shower bench. This Old House.
The stonework and mosaic work details in this bathroom are over the top! This is the ultimate modern bathroom. Love the marble countertop. This Old House.
This bathroom looks so interesting with the prints- we don't see a lot of artwork in the bathroom. Of course the marble walls are amazing. This Old House.
Love these side by side Waterworks sinks! This Old House.
More marble! We can't get enough. This bathroom looks updated, yet still maintains a retro charm. This Old House.
Tell us- what are your favorite styles for the bathroom? Do you prefer marble or granite countertops? Subway tile walls or marble? Glass shower enclosures or shower curtains? Waterworks sinks or vanities? White walls or colored?

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