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Friday, May 1, 2009

Traveling in Style

So Salma's glamorous Venetian wedding, combined with the recent MoS excursion to the Southern Hemisphere, has us thinking about traveling to fab destinations. Although nothing beats the exhilaration of the moment when you feel your plane leave the ground, that mood is typically shattered when the baby behind you starts screaming and the person in front of you reclines his seat. The days of dignified travelling, when trains had white tablecloths in the dining car and airplanes actually had legroom, are sadly a thing of the past. The journey itself has unfortunately become worst part of travelling.
If we had an unlimited budget, travelling would undoubtedly be an entirely different animal. For example:
Wouldn't it be nice to bypass the ever increasingly invasive security in the airport, to have infinite legroom, and to never have to worry about the smelly bathroom or kicking child behind you? If we flew this way, we just know that our clothes wouldn't look so wrinkled, our hair would be perfectly coiffed, and we would look energized rather than haggard as we disembarked the plane! Of course, with that interior, we probably wouldn't want to get off!

And we would love to stack (or have someone else stack) the plane full of our monogrammed Goyard luggage. Yes please!
Dream as we may, the private jet and Goyard trunks don't seem to be in the cards this year (ok, this century!). No matter; there are plenty of other items out there that add a touch of luxury and comfort to your travel experience, whether you're jetting across an ocean or just taking a weekend getaway to the beach.

For longer trips, this Smythson travel wallet is the perfect way to keep your tickets, passports, boarding passes, and money organized and in one central location. No more digging through bags of unmentionables in front of the audience of everyone in line behind you! Our only concern: just don't lose it, or you'll really be in trouble! We looooove Longchamp for everyday use, but it especially comes in handy when travelling. This Longchamp tote is the perfect size for your carry-on! The pattern is just adorable, and these totes really stand the test of time. They are also great if you plan to shop- the MoS girls have been known to fold them up and pack them away in their suitcases on the way TO the destination, so that they can be filled up with vacation purchases to carry HOME from the trip. It's amazing what those bags will hold!

We especially love the Longchamp expandable tote ($275), which, when unzipped, practically doubles in size! When your husband tells you to stop buying souvenirs because you won't be able to fit them in your suitcase, little does he know that you're one step ahead! The shoulder strap is also convenient, and comfortable, for when you have your hands full. This bag is also perfect for a weekend trip when you don't want to lug a suitcase.

Let's face it. We would rather wrap up in newspaper than the airline-supplied blankets in their "sealed" plastic bags. Gross gross gross. They're so scratchy, they make sandpaper feel like satin! How cozy is this fab cashmere travel blanket, eye mask, and pillow set from Armand Diradourian?!For the MoS girls, wearing a pashmina on the plane is an easy way to stay warm. It functions as a soft and cozy blanket, and it can add a splash of color to your boring black travel attire (at least if you wear black like we usually do). And after the flight, you simply wear it off the plane rather than finding room in a bag. We bring along a couple of $5 NYC pashminas, so it's not the end of the world if it falls on the floor or smells like stale coffee (gag) after the flight.

Slippers are a wonderful all-purpose travel item. Slip them on during long overnight flights, or use them in your hotel room to make yourself feel more at home. These Burberry travel slippers are sure to keep your footsies warm and toasty on those long flights. And they even come in a cute little bag!

We also love these metallic faux leather slippers from Travelsmith. Just $36! We figure that for travelling, faux is fine!

No matter how much you plan ahead, it's impossible to tell how much counterspace you'll have once you arrive at your hotel. That's why we love the classic and inexpensive LL Bean personal organizer ($19-$35) for toiletries. It keeps everything well organized, and can hang on the back of a door, the side of a towel rack, or even on a shower rod! No more digging through jumbled products or having to balance your toiletry kit on the edge of the sink!

Although we do have to admit we're smitten by this Tory Burch foldable cosmetics case (on sale for $57!). We'd be tempted to carry it as a clutch too!

Now that you have your slippers, your souvenir bag, and your makeup packed, let's not forget about the most important travel element: luggage! It's worth it to invest in a suitcase that you'll use for years. Not only will you feel more sophisticated when wheeling it through the airport, but there will be no more bent handles, off-kilter wheels, or broken zippers. After all, you want to look like a traveler...not a tourist!
You can't go wrong with T. Anthony when it comes to travel. We love its understated, yet luxurious, classic style. You'll turn all the right heads with this when you walk into your hotel! The T. Anthony 22" wheeled packing case ($650) is the perfect size for 3-7 day trips.

The Longchamp pliage trolley ($270) in red is fun on wheels! We have it in hot pink and we love it! Not great for flying under the radar, but then again, you will never have a hard time spotting it at baggage claim. It's lightweight, extremely durable, and looks quite fetching with a Longchamp pliage tote in a complimentary color!

For the sporty, stylish man in your life, an Orvis Battenkill duffle ($198 and $225) is a must! This is a lifetime purchase and makes a great gift.

We've been loving the Le Sportsac travel line lately- it's affordable and comes in a variety of patterns to suit every mood. This wheeled duffle ($135) is a steal considering all the use you'll get out of it! You can carry it like a regular duffle for shorter trips, but the wheels certainly come in handy when traipsing through an airport.

And finally- don't forget a luggage tag! In addition to its obvious use of identifying your bag as yours, they're also a great way to infuse a distinctive jolt of style to any bag. We love Tory Burch's purple croc embossed tag ($45).

But for a real splurge, how elegant is this Prada Bellman Luggage Tag ($150)? The caricature reminds us of a fanciful Ludwig Bemelmann drawing from back in the day of sophisticated world travel!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your bag and your favorite accessories and hit the road! It's a big world out there!

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Anonymous said...

I love the Orvis luggage! It even comes with a lifetime warranty, so if anything ever happens to it, send it back and Orvis will either replace or repair it for free, no questions asked.

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