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Friday, May 1, 2009

Let's talk Salma

We don't often cover celebrity news here at MoS, but when Francois-Henri Pinault ties the knot, we'd say it pretty much constitutes a news-worthy fashion event, celebrity aside. After all, we're talking about the CEO of PPR, the holding company whose subsidiaries include brands that constitute the bottom line in luxury. Think Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Sergio Rossi, Boucheron, Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, and Balenciaga. In addition to having the fashion world at his fingertips, Francois-Henri also had the luxury of becoming Mr. Salma Hayak. Apparently the two were married in a low key civil ceremony in Paris on Valentine's Day, but last weekend, they decided to up the glam factor and host another wedding in Venice. Which leads us to the question: what are we thinking about Salma's wedding dress (by Balenciaga)? We're a little on the fence about this one. Unquestionably, it's beautiful- the beading on the bodice is to die for, and the cut is terribly flattering. And we love that it's "traditional" as opposed to something that looks like it just came off a haute-couture runway.

Although...the more we look at it, the more we can't help being a wee bit underwhelmed. It's something that you can see yourself or your best friend wearing, not the wife of a fashion tycoon. Aren't celebrities supposed to be a little bit more daring? Maybe something in between this dress and Carrie's over the top Vivenne Westwood dress in the SATC movie? We just feel like we've seen this kind dress before in every local bridal store. No one's going to be in a rush to knock it off because it already exists! While the jury is deliberating, let's move on. We can all agree that Ms. Anna Wintour, as always, looks awfully fierce, (albeit malnourished) in this Chanel number.

However, if we were Salma, we would have made Anna Wintour our bridesmaid just so we could make her to wear a brilliant confection like those pictured below. After all, PPR > Vogue, so she couldn't really say no! And we're sure she'd get plenty of subsequent use out of the matching satin purse!

Of course, what's a decadent Venetian wedding without a few recognizable guests? Here are a few snapshots:

Bono is the rock star of this group, so we will forgive him for those translucent purple shield glasses he seems to be so fond of. We will not, however, forgive his wife for the monstrosity of a dress she is wearing. Is is a giant tattoo dress? Are those wings? Butterflies? Was she shopping in the closet of Alex McCord? Regardless, she looks like she is going to a fancy dress party at Sturgis!

Although we love Ashley Judd, we can't say the same about this look. Is this a recycled bridesmaids dress? This outfit looks more appropriate for the Kentucky Derby or sorority function than a sophisticated Venetian wedding. Maybe it's the shoes? They're so...sensible. Some fierce heels, or even some jeweled flats, would up the glam factor. Or maybe it's the color (or lack of color) of the dress. And the visible tan lines don't help either! Come on, Ashley, you are one of our favorites- you can do better than that!

Ashley needs to take a page out of Charlize Theron's fashion book. This cement-colored dress oozes sex appeal. And we're intrigued as to how it converts into a short dress! Who knew that you could get 2 for 1 from Dior? And yes, she's wearing flats, but they're appropriately dressy and even manage to up the glamour quotient of her outfit.

And finally, no surprise here that we love Penelope Cruz's Grecian-style electric blue dress. Stunning. We have a feeling we'd get a few odd looks if we wore this to our best friend's wedding, but when your BFF is Salma Hayek and the wedding is in Venice, this dress is perfect.
We guess our invitation must have gotten lost in the mail!

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goheels83 said...

Hahaha, awesome post! I would absolutely love to see A Dubs in that bridesmaid dress.

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